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Following the last edition of our Online Newsletter as an "ITMA Special", we would now like to present you with another special edition. With "Textiles in the Automobile" we hope to provide you with useful and interesting facts about the relevant trends, technologies and innovations in this sector. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert - there's no better time to do so!

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Just an image Dr. Thomas Lindner
Chairman of Executive Board

Textiles in automobiles – Lower consumption is just the beginning

Just an image Textiles in automobiles –
Lower consumption is just the beginning

Scanty resources and rising raw-material prices - to counter this situation, carmakers are making a powerful commitment to optimising weight and consumption as well as new drive concepts. On the way to sustainable mobility, textiles are providing an important contribution - and the applications are becoming more numerous as well as more surprising.

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Knitted wire mesh in the automotive industry

Just an image Whether in radiators or catalytic converters - knitted wire fabric is used frequently in modern automobiles. DHD Technology, a leading company in the process and environmental engineering sector based in Spalt near Nuremberg, Germany, supports its partners in the automotive and automotive suppliers industry with many years of experience. The tailored solutions range from filtration to storage and insulation. Find out more about the technologies and their potential!
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Carbon Fibres in Cars

Just an image The majority of textiles used to reinforce composites are still woven, even today. Materials such as fibreglass, natural fibres, aramid or carbon fibres are processed here. Of the so-called fibrous materials, carbon fibres possess the greatest potential for lightweight construction due to their property profile. For this reason their application, embedded in plastics - usually epoxy resins (CFK) - has also become increasingly interesting for the automotive industry. With TWINtec healds from Groz-Beckert, customers travel well in any case!
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"Clothes make the man" - and nonwovens make the car

Just an image There are now more than 40 applications for nonwovens inside automobiles. That means that over 35 square metres of flat textile surfaces can be found inside one of today's cars. Visible nonwovens, however, account for only 10 percent of the entire amount, i.e. roughly 3.5 square metres. What other areas of application exist? What are the names of the technologies employed, and what criteria have to be taken into consideration? The following article answers these questions and many more.

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In the fast lane with Groz-Beckert

Just an image The markets in the worldwide automotive industry are highly competitive - and the interior of a car is increasingly becoming a mark of differentiation where carmakers and brands are concerned. For end customers, an appealing look and environmentally-friendly materials are important, while vehicle producers place great value on aspects such as formability, dimensional stability and grammage (gsm). Find out more about technical standards and current developments - and also about how Groz-Beckert can support you in practice.
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Special application needles for leather and textiles in cars

Just an image To meet the challenges in the automotive sector, tools need to be of high quality and also solution-oriented. Groz-Beckert provides unique know-how and tailored products.
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Groz-Beckert plays an active part in a charity event

Just an image The "Trail 2011" was a charity walk initiated by Mr. Sarinda Unamboowe, CEO of MAS Linea Aqua. Groz-Beckert played an active part in this charity event.
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