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Leather and textiles in cars –

Special application needles create perfect connections

On the one hand, attractive decorative seams, and on the other the process-safe treatment of technical textiles, leather and materials which are abrasive and especially robust. To meet the challenges in the automotive sector, tools need to be of high quality and also solution-oriented. To meet your sewing-technology needs, Groz-Beckert provides unique know-how and tailored products.

Just an image1)Side carpeting 2)Car mat 3)Dash panel 4)Center console 5)Seat 6)Side airbag 7)Head

Sewing applications in the automotive sector

For perfect decorative seams – Special application needl

Especially where cars in the premium segment are concerned, great importance is placed on decorative seams looking perfect. After all, the high quality of the vehicle should also be reflected in the details. Principally, the seam can have a straight or slanted look, as desired, but in every case it is always perfectly even in appearance.

Just an imageFor an even slanted look, the SAN 12 LR is used

With the cutting-point needle SAN® 12, Groz-Beckert has developed a very impressive solution. This sewing technology has already successfully proven its practical utility on numerous occasions. Whether it's a SAN® 12 LR for a slanted look to the seam or a SAN® 12 S for a straight one, SAN® 12 special application needles from Groz-Beckert always guarantee an even, decorative look and feature complete processing safety.

The SAN® 12 was developed in cooperation with the Eissmann Automotive Group, an acknowledged specialist for vehicle interiors. From gearshift knobs to complete side-doors, the Eissmann Automotive Group supplies everything that adds value to the interior of an automobile. The product spectrum ranges from panelling components such as central consoles, instrument panels, armrests and door panels to combined operating elements such as shift levers, handbrake casings and selector switches, all the way to complete panelling systems.

SAN® 5 with GEBEDUR® coating

For technical textiles and extreme conditions

Maximum service life and maximum productivity: SAN® 5 special application needles with GEBEDUR® coating live up to what they promise. This has been confirmed by a leading supplier of leather seats for the automotive industry. To test the service life of the sewing needles, numerous and extensive tests were carried out and every single millimetre of the seams was documented. Tests were carried out on different combinations of materials, e.g. the sewing together of plastic decorative strips with sections of cut leather. After a 'seam distance' of 7.5 km the SAN® 5 with its GEBEDUR® coating was microscopically inspected - and only a few tiny wear marks were detected. The needle could thus be used further. This shows that the GEBEDUR® coating, depending on the type of application, makes service life three to five times longer than that of needles with standard chrome coating.

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