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"I gained a great deal of background knowledge which will be very useful for the challenges ahead of me. The use of special needles in particular, plus optimization of machine settings. The training team was extremely committed to the topics and gave me detailed answers to my questions right away." That was how Mr. Tobias Thiem, an employee from NORAFIN Ind. GmbH, Müllheim, Germany, summed up his experience at the Groz-Beckert Academy. He attended the basic course in "Nonwovens Technology" in late 2011.
As part of the training, the participants gained basic knowledge about felting needles, structuring needles and accessories, all of which was rounded off by various experiments and demonstrations in the Technical Center "Nonwovens" at the Technology and Development Center (TEZ). All in all, those taking part experienced much that was new, learning practical tips and tricks and gaining comprehensive expertise.

The Training Program for 2012

The training courses on offer cover the most important textile surface production and joining technologies, and this makes the Groz-Beckert Academy a globally unique knowledge platform. All the courses are provided by experienced and enthusiastic textile experts, and are in accordance with the very latest methods and didactic findings. Basic, advanced and special training courses are held in the Groz-Beckert Technology and Development Center (TEZ) in Albstadt. Individual training courses can also be carried out directly on customers' premises if required. For adidas Footwear, for example, Groz-Beckert has already developed a customized global training program. Read all about it in this Newsletter!

The Groz-Beckert Academy is constantly being adapted to new requirements, and new courses are being added all the time. In 2012, the following courses are available:

Basic courses

  • Textile value-added chain
  • Fiber theory
  • Manual flat knitting and fault analysis I
  • Binding theory
  • Nonwovens technology
  • Sewing and needle technology
  • Weaving technology

Advanced courses

  • Manual flat knitting and fault analysis II
  • Electronic flat knitting technology
  • Large circular knitting technology
  • Warp knitting technology

Special courses

  • Cylinder training

  • Cylinder gauge changes
  • Lubrication technology
  • Mounting of card clothing in mounting device
  • Operating the WarpMaster machine
  • Technical training on the WarpMaster
  • Combined course: WarpMaster
  • Knotting technology: simple knots
  • Knotting technology: double knots
  • Leno weaving

Individual courses

  • Course topics and locations according to customer requirements

Just register and find out more

The specific details of each course, plus dates and prices, can be found in the Training Program 2012, available either in printed form or as an online download from Helpful contact partners from Groz-Beckert will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have.

You too can make use of concentrated know-how across the full length of the textile value-added chain, and secure your own expertise and competitive edge - with the Groz-Beckert Academy!