Magazine September 2013

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This edition of the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter demonstrates once again the crucial importance of innovation and constantly new thinking in the textile sector. As a partner within the textile value chain, Groz-Beckert continually inspires new ideas and concepts, but it is also a company that recognizes its customers' needs and turns them into products that give them the competitive edge. Let the contents of this Newsletter inspire you to further increase your productivity and your success. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

Innovations and new ways of thinking often begin right on a company's doorstep. Groz-Beckert realized years ago that a company's success goes hand in hand with opportunities to assume responsibility for its own social environment. For Groz-Beckert, the new Health and Education Center (GEBIZ) reflects this commitment to social responsibility. The daycare center at this project began operations on September 1, followed on September 9 by the Malesfelsen elementary school. This means not only that the employees of Groz-Beckert and others working at the company's headquarters now have access to all-day childcare for their kids – they can also provide them with excellent educational opportunities, giving them an ideal start in life. The building complex also has a large amount of space devoted to preserving and regaining health and quality of life: it will soon house the BKK Groz-Beckert health insurance fund, a company physician and also medics. There will also be a special health center with a training and prevention area, in addition to a physiotherapy center.

Techtextil 2013

Technical textiles have been enjoying a powerful boom in the sector for several years now. At the main trade show for this important branch of the industry, the Techtextil 2013 in Frankfurt am Main from June 11-13, Groz-Beckert certainly made its mark. The show not only broke its own records for visitor and exhibitor numbers, there was also huge interest shown in the Groz-Beckert booth. The main reason for this was the TexCar, a vehicle cut open at key locations to impressively demonstrate just how far the combination of innovative textiles and high technology has already advanced.

Groz-Beckert – Innovative details are securing success

To enable progress like this in different sectors of the textile industry, impetus is required – and it is provided most impressively by innovative further developments and new product ideas from Groz-Beckert. For instance, the new EcoStar felting needle is setting new standards where efficiency, sustainability and performance are concerned. In weaving, the new tying frames from Groz-Beckert represent a key advance where machine modification is concerned. And the software „Productivity Benchmark" is enabling Groz-Beckert to plan for optimum production conditions in the Knitting sector. And protection from pirated products is offered by the iPhone and iPad app „myGrozBeckert", with its new label scanning function in the Sewing sector. It verifies the authenticity of products by scanning data matrix codes located on the needle packaging.

Research and apprenticeship – Groz-Beckert offers more

Groz-Beckert's Technology and Development Center (TEZ) recently took a look into the future of textile building construction, during a joint project with the ILEK at Stuttgart University. Together with the lightweight construction specialists from the university, the TEZ developed textile modules which despite their lightweight design are suitable as soundproof building envelopes, and as a result are opening up new fields for this construction technology.

The latest program of events from the Groz-Beckert Academy, described in this edition of the Newsletter, demonstrates the many opportunities it provides to gain specialist know-how from experts in numerous different sectors, in order to profit even further from textile production.

A readiness to perform and a passionate commitment to one's work – alongside all the possibilities offered by technology, both are essential for lasting professional success. A group of Groz-Beckert apprentices found out all about that when they attended the renowned 'WorldSkills 2013' event in Leipzig. Find out all about it in this edition.