Magazine September 2013

All the latest information from the textile world

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This edition of the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter demonstrates once again the crucial importance of innovation and constantly new thinking in the textile sector. As a partner within the textile value chain, Groz-Beckert continually inspires new ideas and concepts, but it is also a company that recognizes its customers' needs and turns them into products that give them the competitive edge. Let the contents of this Newsletter inspire you to further increase your productivity and your success. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

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Just an image Hans-Jürgen Haug
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A unique teaching institution gets off to a great start

Just an image A unique teaching institution in the textile sector gets off to a great start

Since October 2011, Groz-Beckert has not only been active as a technology partner to the textile industry but also as a provider of valuable expert knowledge – in the shape of the Groz-Beckert Academy. After an excellent start, the Academy is continuing to fine-tune its profile to match the requirements of customers worldwide. Find out more about this year's new developments, and also about how well the different courses have been accepted over the past two years.

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Quality is worthwhile

Just an image "Cheap" and "value for money" can often mean two different things. And Groz-Beckert is happy to prove that – with its "efficiency calculator". Trade show visitors to the ITM in Istanbul and the ShanghaiTex in China were given an impressive demonstration of how the use of high-quality products can increase productivity and be gentle on resources at the same time.

This "Productivity Benchmark" is now available online as well. Discover the competitive advantages Groz-Beckert can offer you in the circular knitting process!
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New tying frame

Just an image The more rapidly a weaving machine can be modified, the more productive it becomes. That is why, as an expert systems provider for weaving, Groz-Beckert will be enhancing its proven weaving preparation product line with further new developments in the KnotMaster warp tying systems sector. The new, modular tying frames for easier transportation and fast setup make weaving machine preparation even simpler. Another proven feature is the twin frame system, which enables weaving widths of up to 600 cm and can easily be transported thanks to its divisibility.
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EcoStar – intelligent design for more efficient production

Just an image Sophisticated statics not only make modern automobiles lighter yet simultaneously more stable in design, but felting needles too – as proven by the newly developed EcoStar. With 13 percent less cross-sectional area than a standard felting needle, and with its stabilizing edge profiles, the new EcoStar not only requires less penetration strength but also has a longer service life, a more even product surface and improved fiber transportation. Find out more here about all the other benefits of the EcoStar felting needle!
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New-generation cutting system

Just an image The requirements of automotive carpet manufacturers are increasing steadily where functionality, reliability and service life of tufting tools are concerned. Growing cost pressure and ever higher quality demands on behalf of automotive manufacturers are ensuring that gauge part cutting systems are becoming increasingly important success factors. As a partner across the full length of the textile value chain, Groz-Beckert is thus constantly active in further development, and is again offering improved vehicles with a clear competitive edge.
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Label scanner – one-click authentication of sewing machine needles

Just an image To protect you from inferior needle copies, Groz-Beckert has developed a tool that can be used to test the authenticity of sewing-machine needles with just one click.
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