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Innovation for more efficiency – modular tying frames for KnotMaster warp-tying systems

Groz-Beckert innovations – fulfilling customer requirements with precision

Just an imageKnotMaster warp-tying system

The use of KnotMaster warp tying systems ranks as highly efficient, and now a new tying-frame principle plus twin frames for KnotMaster warp-tying systems are further increasing user-friendliness and productivity. With these new developments, Groz-Beckert is once again providing a targeted esponse to customer requirements and enabling the highest precision in production.

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Modular tying-frame system – optimized delivery time, easier handling

With the new modular tying-frame design, a standardized, highly stable tying frame is now available for KnotMaster warp-tying systems. The two proven clamping systems with clamp rod and clamp rails for diverse applications have been retained. With its modular frame structure, Groz-Beckert is responding to customer demands for optimized delivery times where KnotMaster warp-tying systems are concerned - lower space requirements during transportation of the systems are sharply improving logistics.

This innovation will also enable user-friendly installation and handling of the systems in weaving mills. Furthermore, the new brush roller design is making the system even more user-friendly.

Because of its stable design and the ergonomics of its clamping profile, the new, modular tying frame can still be supplied with frame widths of between 70 cm and 540 cm for all Groz-Beckert KnotMaster warp-tying systems, and is therefore suitable for all weaving machines. The proven functionality and quality of both clamping systems are of course still guaranteed.

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KnotMaster twin frames – user-friendly and mobile

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The twin frame, which also fulfills an important customer requirement, has been similarly designed. This innovative frame system has already been successfully used by our customers. It is used in weaving mills that work with one and also two warp beams.

The highlight of the twin frame is its divisibility: the system consists of two separately usable single frames, connected to each other in the middle. The twin frame, with its exceptionally well-proven clamping rod clamping system, comes in several heights and has a maximum width of 600 cm (2 x 300 cm).

This divisibility makes the twin frame very user-friendly, since in weaving mills it can be moved far more easily than a wide single frame. Furthermore, the tying process can be done in one working step across the entire width of the frame, thus increasing productivity in weaving mills.

Interested in these new and innovative tying-frame systems? Then just get in touch with the Groz-Beckert experts – they'll be happy to recommend an optimal solution to you.