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New-generation cutting system

Impressive tufting results for premium automobiles

The requirements of automotive carpet manufacturers are increasing steadily where functionality, reliability and service life of tufting tools are concerned. Growing cost pressure and ever higher quality demands on behalf of automotive manufacturers are ensuring that gauge part cutting systems are becoming increasingly important success factors. As a partner across the full length of the textile value chain, Groz-Beckert is thus constantly active in further development, and is again offering improved vehicles with a clear competitive edge.

The requirement: fulfilling customers' exacting demands

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A high-quality appearance and fine craftsmanship are becoming increasingly important to car buyers – even in the compact and subcompact segments.

Car buyers are placing ever higher requirements on automotive manufacturers. As a result, a feature that was usually of secondary importance is steadily entering the spotlight and has to deliver a great deal more today: tufted automotive carpeting. It has to provide the following benefits in practical use:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Perfect cleaning properties
  • Attractive appearance
  • High utility and long service life

Just an imageThe further developed gauge part system

For these growing requirements, Groz-Beckert offers its industrial partners a suitable solution: the further improved Groz-Beckert Gauge Part System. It has all the right ingredients to guarantee users impressive and effective results in the tufting process. The Groz-Beckert Gauge Part System can master all the critical parameters during the tufting process, such as:

  • Different fiber types and fiber gauges
  • Different backing materials (fabric and/or nonwoven)
  • Lower pile weights and pile heights
  • Perfect look and feel (dense product appearance)
  • Other process parameters (machine, rpm, etc.)

The following system components have been further developed:


(Tufting knife with tungsten cutting insert)

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The tufting knife with the designation TK SC (SC = System Cut) especially in combination with the GB CPL SC offers the following benefits:

  • Longer service life several times over, up to regrinding
  • Precise knife sharpening in OEM quality
  • Product designation via laser marking


(Cut pile looper module with tungsten cutting insert)

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This model has also undergone further optimization and the cutting properties have been further improved:

  • Optimized knife rest
  • Multiple regrind capability
  • Longer operational times / service life
  • Sturdy design for high stability

The application technology for tufted automotive carpeting is currently being determined by the increased use of finer gauges (e.g. 5/64"). Further cost savings on pile weights in connection with lower pile heights also make tufted automotive carpets interesting for the compact and subcompact car segments, because premium demands are playing an ever more important role for the consumer.For the further processing of tufted automotive carpeting, therefore, there are additional arguments in favor of quality, including

  • deformability
  • dimensional stability
  • area densities per m²
This is making the quality requirements placed on the tufted product ever more stringent. With regard to the later shaping of the pre-form it becomes clear that these requirements can only be fulfilled with mature and fully proven tufting tools. Tufting needles from Groz-Beckert, for example, are regarded as the industry standard and are used on latest-generation machines by all leading tufting-machine manufacturers and automotive carpeting producers.


Lower surface densities and an even better look

Just an imageDetail of the TNM tufting needle module.

As an integral component of the Groz-Beckert Gauge Part System, the patent-protected tufting needle module TNM) in mini-staggered design (Patent EP 0 976 860 A1), also ensures that requirements from carpeting manufacturers as well as carmakers are taken fully into account where lower surface densities are concerned.

The advantages of this trend are clear:

  • up to 50% weight-saving in relation to standard tufts
  • improved use of tuft spaces
  • a denser look combined with lower pile weight
  • no break-up at rounded sections
  • clearly cut edges

The base fabric and the yarn represent the most costly aspect in automotive carpeting production. The Groz-Beckert Gauge Part System, with its precisely coordinated individual tools, i.e.

  • Tufting needles / Tufting needle modules
  • Cut Pile loopers / Looper modules
  • Reed finger modules
  • Tufting knives

can have a positive influence on economic efficiency in production by means of perfect tool interplay as well as benefits where functionality and compatibility are concerned. Here, all application technology related process requirements are consistently fulfilled. The basic prerequisite for this: a controlled and coordinated selection of materials and tolerances combined with dimensional harmonization of all individual tools used.

Groz-Beckert – anticipating customers' future needs

As a reliable partner of the textile industry, and steadily and consistently, Groz-Beckert further develops its products at the very highest level. This satisfies the steadily growing requirements of its customers – and often even anticipates them far in advance.

The further development of tufted automotive carpeting, and of the tufting tools to go with it, is under constant focus at Groz-Beckert. There are diverse training programs available on the topic from the Groz-Beckert Academy, and you can also co-develop together with the company at its Technical Center Tufting for your own projects. The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to assist you!