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Higher productivity and higher savings with Groz-Beckert

"Cheap" and "value for money" can often mean two different things. And Groz-Beckert is happy to prove that – with its "efficiency calculator". Trade show visitors to the ITM in Istanbul and the ShanghaiTex in China were given an impressive demonstration of how the use of high-quality products can increase productivity and be gentle on resources at the same time.

This "Productivity Benchmark" is now available online as well. Discover the competitive advantages Groz-Beckert can offer you in the circular knitting process!

Productivity Benchmark

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This tool makes it possible to compare high-quality Groz-Beckert knitting-machine needles with other products. The "Productivity Benchmark" was developed at the business fairs of ITM (Istanbul, Turkey) and ShanghaiTex (Shanghai, China). Relevant machine configurations and data, as used in Turkey and China respectively, served as a basis for the two markets. In a question-and-answer session, the user of the "Productivity Benchmark" can see right away what a huge influence the use of high-quality knitting-machine needles has on productivity. The tool takes into account factors such as

  • Machine speed
  • Efficiency
  • Needle breakage rate
  • Needle downtime
  • Power consumption

A closer look at typical configurations

The production cost calculator shows clearly how even tiny changes to individual factors can have a major influence on productivity:

Just an imageGroz-Beckert needles enable sharply higher profits.

The production cost calculator shows clearly how even tiny changes to individual factors can have a major influence on productivity:

For instance, increasing a machine's speed by just one revolution – from 30 to 31 rpm – over the course of one year already means a productivity increase of 7,000 kilograms. And the increase in productivity is accompanied by a reduction in running costs per kilogram of goods produced.

The "Productivity Benchmark" collects factors like these and transforms them into a general overview for comparison purposes – and, as the presentations at the two trade fairs showed, the results are highly impressive.

Just an imagePrecision and speed optimize the production process.

Circular knitting – process with many success factors

This is where Groz-Beckert products come into their own, because it is only high-quality products with special features that enable the abovementioned factors to be changed in the first place. Only Groz-Beckert products enable the following:

  • Increased machine speeds
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced needle breakage rates
  • Longer service life
  • Lower power consumption.
The unrivaled quality of Groz-Beckert products is reflected in their numerous benefits: absolutely smooth surfaces, advantageous geometry for gentle, trouble-free yarn gliding, high dimensional accuracy for an absolutely uniform loop structure, precise latch guidance for minimal wear, perfect loop cast-off without the risk of damage to the yarn, specially processed needle butt edges for reduced wear and smooth needle movement in the trick, conical hooks for higher hook stability combined with the largest possible hook interior, and litespeed® design for reduced power and oil consumption – to name but a few.

Groz-Beckert – an impressive price-performance ratio

Another impressive aspect of the "Productivity Benchmark" results is the overall price-performance ratio delivered by Groz-Beckert: higher purchase costs for the needles are amortized very rapidly during their service life. The additional profits generated by higher productivity are remarkable, and the investment's profitability is increased still further by savings on operating costs.

There are also several side effects in the production environment that soon become clearly noticeable: minimal heat generation, for instance, as well as reduced oil misting, both considerably optimize working conditions for knitting-machine operators.

Efficiency from soft factors – thanks to Groz-Beckert

In addition to these clearly measurable benefits of Groz-Beckert products, "soft" factors are often an equally important parameter when it comes to making the production process even more efficient. For instance, the Groz-Beckert Academy offers regular courses in further training that are specially tailored to the requirements of employees across the full length of the textile value chain – because better know-how also contributes to the optimization of production.

The experts from Groz-Beckert can of course draw up an individual calculation for you of the benefits that Groz-Beckert knitting-machine needles will bring. So take this opportunity to fine-tune your operation, and gain a clear competitive edge! The experts at Groz-Beckert will be happy to help you further.