Magazine December 2013

All the latest information from the textile world

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In the last edition of 2013, the Groz-Beckert Newsletter primarily focuses on a topic that is making an increasing name for itself in the business. Architectural textiles in the insulation sector are already an outstanding market success, and the development of new fibers and technologies is making these textiles ever more important in other sectors as well.

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New perspectives in architecture

Hardly any modern buildings can do without with textile applications. Nonwoven products have long dominated the market for heat insulation and soundproofing solutions, and membranes consisting of high-stability, weather-resistant filaments are being chosen increasingly frequently for roof constructions spanning large and modern structures, such as stadiums or airport buildings. In this edition of the Newsletter you can find how research results and their practical implementation have driven this development over the past decades.

Rethinking proven ideas

The expertise of the lightweight-design specialists in Groz-Beckert's Technology and Development Center (TEZ) is driving the concept of "textile construction" to produce entirely new possibilities. Modern-day membranes not only enable buildings to be protected against weathering – in combination with other textile materials they can also assume crucial functions inside a building. A further example of the evolutionary power of technical progress is a sports-shoe "production rethink". Thanks to sophisticated form-knitting technology it is now possible not only to produce a better fitting shoe without the use of elaborate joining technologies, but also to avoid an enormous amount of cutting waste.

New impetus for the future – the GEBIZ is now open

The future doesn't just mean focusing on new materials and technologies – it also means contemplation of generations to come. This is reflected in Groz-Beckert's decision to build the Health and Education Center (GEBIZ) at its headquarters in Albstadt – and it has now officially opened. The GEBIZ – with its "Malesfelsen Kindergarten", "Malesfelsen Elementary School", "Malesfelsen Health Center", physiotherapy practice, company physician and medical orderlies, as well as new rooms for the company's own health insurance fund – is not only a shining asset to Groz-Beckert but to the entire region as well. Groz-Beckert has now given its employees ideal prerequisites for optimal care of their children, and for the preservation as well as restoration of their health.