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In the last edition of 2013, the Groz-Beckert Newsletter focuses on a topic that is making an increasing name for itself in the business. Architectural textiles in the insulation sector are already an outstanding market success, and the development of new fibers and technologies is making these textiles ever more important in other sectors as well.

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Member of the Executive Board

Successful joint venture develops lightweight elements

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successful joint venture develops lightweight elements with soundproofing

"Shaping the textile future together" – that's the slogan of the Groz-Beckert Technology and Development Center (TEZ). Among its partners are institutes and universities. Now, the experts from the TEZ are cooperating with the "Institute of Lightweight Design and Construction" (or the ILEK for short) in Stuttgart to develop lightweight elements which, thanks to textile insulation, also master something that until now posed a tricky challenge: using an external envelope on a building to protect its interior from environmental noise.
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Shoes are treading new paths

Just an image Manufacturing classic products in an entirely new way – one good example of this is the knitted sports shoe. Traditionally, shoes for sports and recreation have been made from numerous different materials and individual components, all of them glued, baked or sewn. The top layer of the knitted shoes, in contrast, consists of a single component, manufactured in Fully-Fashion for a perfect fit. The results are impressive: Economically efficient manufacture and minimal wastage make this production method very attractive.
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Woven wire mesh in architecture

Just an image Woven wire mesh products have been an established part of technology for many years now – as sieve devices, filters or in measuring technology. Indeed, it would be hard to imagine everyday life without them. Haver & Boecker has taken a whole new approach to woven wire mesh – a sturdy and simultaneously filigree product. The company, now 125 years old, is not only focusing on the traditional applications but also the visual and functional attributes of woven wire mesh in architecture. All over the world, products from Haver & Boecker made from stainless steel and even bronze are now resulting in semitransparent building facades as well as spectacular interior design.
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From tents to high-tech roofs – the textile construction revolution

Just an image From tents to high-tech roofs - the textile construction revolution is picking up speed: Textile construction has always been closely associated with human history. It all started with simple tents made from woven natural fibers, and ever since artificial fiber was developed the sector has rapidly become important once more. Since 1990 the number of textile structures in the world has almost tripled. The combination of sophisticated, construction-suitable filaments, the nonwovens created from them, and applications in the building sector is constantly expanding the potential of textile construction.
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Cutting a great figure with Groz-Beckert

Just an image Quality certainly pays dividends. For many years now, the use of high-quality materials and special production processes has been the prerequisite for the outstanding quality of Groz-Beckert tufting knives. Customers all over the world can rely one hundred percent on the constant quality of these high-precision knives. For end-users as well as leading tufting machine manufacturers (OEM), tufting knives from Groz-Beckert set the standard worldwide for the industry.
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SEWING5 – Groz-Beckert takes care of all your needs

Just an image With the new service concept "SEWING5" Groz-Beckert supports its customers in all sectors. The five "S's" stand for Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority and Sustainability.
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