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SEWING5 – Groz-Beckert takes care of all your needs

Ever since 1852, Groz-Beckert has stood for continuity and high quality in needle production. Today's dynamic markets require more than just "good" product quality, however. Globalization of the apparel and shoe industries represents a key challenge, and competition is growing more intense all the time. This is accompanied by the need for sustainable productivity and efficiency increases as well as the constant desire for newer and ever more elaborate collections and designs. A new service concept is what is required. SEWING5 is the answer – in five dimensions!

With the new service concept "SEWING5" Groz-Beckert supports its customers in all sectors – above and beyond market requirements. Together with customers and partners, pathbreaking ideas and solutions are being developed that not only provide the highest product quality but also a key competitive edge. The five "S's", all united in the consistent customer focus of "SEWING5", stand for Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority and Sustainability.


The art of always being able to deliver – worldwide

Since a high-quality product is always accompanied by an excellent logistics process, Groz-Beckert has chosen the general principle of logistics – getting the right needles in the right amount to the right place at the right time – as its guiding slogan.

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The strengths of the Groz-Beckert logistics chain include not only an above-average inventory range and excellent delivery capacity but also a globally available distribution network that guarantees fast supply to customers as well as rapid reaction times and flexibility with regard to customer orders. Decentralized intermediate storage and direct deliveries from factories also help to shorten the supply routes.

Additionally, careful selection of all freight carriers involved in the logistics process with regard to quality and prices leads to lower expenses, giving sales partners and end customers a competitive edge.


Groz-Beckert finds sewing-technology solutions even for seemingly insuperable problems

Good sewing-technology solutions begin before the production process. This is why professional application consulting from Groz-Beckert supports customers as early as the design phase, where the interplay between materials, yarns, machines and sewing-machine needles is all-important.

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During the entire production process, customers are supported in the Technical Centers for sewing, which can be found worldwide. With individually tailored solutions at the highest level, any difficulties that arise during the sewing process can be either solved directly or even prevented from the very start.

In addition to application consulting, the partners of Groz-Beckert also have access to the Technology and Development Center (TEZ). Its range of services extends from simple experiments to the development of new products. In combination with the training program at the Groz-Beckert Academy, the company thus guarantees a steady increase in expertise across the full length of the textile value chain, and productivity and efficiency increases in the entire process.


...means being there before you're needed

The best sewing-technology solution, an excellent logistics concept – all these aspects are only ever as good as the service that goes with them and comes after them. This is why services from Groz-Beckert are oriented toward its customers' most exacting requirements. An excellently qualified sales team, for instance, ensures that offers and orders are promptly processed and returns take place quickly and simply. Sales seminars and valuable assistance with sales promotions ensure that customers are advised and supported as efficiently as possible on-site, and also at distribution partners. Not least of all, Groz-Beckert's entire product range and its universal support as a systems provider underline its consistent alignment with the primary aim of fulfilling customer requirements.


Always one step ahead – with outstanding products and the highest quality standards

Hardly ever seen or heard, sewing-machine needles are the "unsung heroes" of everyday sewing. They have to deliver the highest performance on a permanent basis. As a result, they exert a powerful impact on the design and durability of textile products as well as on productivity throughout the entire sewing process. High product quality where needles are involved is therefore of crucial importance, making it all the more essential to rely on certified top quality when selecting a needle brand.

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Products and services from Groz-Beckert always fulfill the very highest quality standards. The company's comprehensive and specialized product range, with the innovative solutions LoopControl®, GEBEDUR® and SAN®, is the best proof of that. This is further confirmed by innumerable machine manufacturers who use Groz-Beckert needles on a permanent basis worldwide and who hold Groz-Beckert in high regard as a partner across the entire textile value chain for all kinds of textile production and joining methods (Knitting – Weaving – Felting – Tufting – Sewing).

With regular certification procedures and audits, independent institutes also confirm that the use of innovative and superior-quality products from Groz-Beckert provide all the company's partners with the competitive edge they need.

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It means assuming responsibility

Assuming ecological, economic and social responsibility is an integral component of Groz-Beckert's mission statement, which is why the company implements far-reaching and effective measures in this regard – both internally and externally. These include a clear statement in favor of product development with regard to sustainability ("the green needle") as well as the ecofriendly packaging of all products. Groz-Beckert also conforms fully to ROHS and REACH, and has certified management in the areas of quality, the environment, energy, and health and safety respectively. The company's membership of the VDMA's sustainability initiative "Blue Competence" as well as its Health and Education Center (GEBIZ) which opened earlier this year make it clear that Groz-Beckert consciously assumes responsibility – for its employees, for society, and for the environment.

Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority and Sustainability: those are the five concepts that Groz-Beckert has taken to heart. They represent a continuation of what first convinced the company's customers more than 160 years ago. Those who rely on Groz-Beckert have the competitive edge,

  • with products that are always available and ensure a constant competitive advantage;
  • with a partner who provides support in all areas and offers tailored solutions;
  • and with the certainty that everything takes place in harmony with the environment.

Like to find out more about Sewing5 ? The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to help!