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Weaving with stainless steel or bronze – light and exclusive designs with metal

From silkscreen printing to ultrafine filters in outer space

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Ever since it was first established, Haver & Boecker has made a decisive contribution to wire weaving technology. In Hohenlimburg in 1887 the company's two founders, Carl Haver and Eduard Boecker, began manufacturing woven wire mesh products on mechanical looms. This technology resulted in high quality, and the company soon grew. Haver & Boecker sold products to an increasing number of sectors: from silkscreen printing, filtration and particle analysis to sturdy ultrafine filters for aerospace applications. Based today in Oelde, Westphalia, Germany, the company made use of a wave of innovation in woven wire mesh technology to penetrate the entirely new market of architecture. Today Haver & Boecker offers its customers a great deal of expertise, stat-of-the-art technology and extensive know-how in everything to do with woven wire mesh, including comprehensive consulting. The company has over 2,400 employees and 50 subsidiaries worldwide.

Just an imageWoven wire mesh "MULTI-BARRETTE"

Multifaceted service for a multifaceted product

The applications for woven wire mesh are just as varied as the consulting needs of the customers that Haver & Boecker serves. This applies in particular to the construction sector – which wire mesh is suitable for which desired effects and functions? The possibilities are extremely diverse: façade and ceiling paneling, transparent media façades, wall panels, room dividers, balconies, parapets, trade-show and store construction, sun protection, soundproofing and acoustic systems, signage, sculptures and aviaries are just a few of the many sectors for woven wire mesh. Architects and planners can fall back on a comprehensive range of wire mesh types for interiors as well as exteriors. Thanks to extensive expertise where production and assembly of architectural mesh is concerned, Haver & Boecker accompanies its customers through every phase of a project, from precise planning and detailed realization to on-time assembly.

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New outer skin for a rail station

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The woven wire mesh allows a clear view of the surrounding area. Photo: Øystein Ramstad

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Transparent lightness and clear forms are the highlights of the renovated rail station in the north of Oslo. Photo: Øystein Ramstad

Visual separation of the platform and prevention of birds flying into the station – Photo: Øystein Ramstad

The railroad station "Økern T-Bane" is located between the Hasle und Risløkka stations in the north of the Norwegian capital Oslo. The station, designed by Guttorm Bruskeland and officially opened on October 16, 1966 was renovated in the year 2010 by the architectural office of "Heyerdahl Arkitekter AS". During the course of this renovation work the station was given a completely new façade cover made from the woven stainless steel MULTI-BARRETTE 8130.

Woven wire meshes of the type MULTI-BARRETTE from Haver & Boecker are woven from rods and flexible rope groups. The rods give the mesh the necessary stability, while the ropes give it the flexibility it requires. Façade paneling with the architectural mesh of type MULTI-BARRETTE has the effect of a light and transparent envelope. Depending on the angle of view, the woven envelope appears opaque or transparent.

Just an imageThe wire mesh covers the entire façade . Photo: Haver & Boecker

Shining façade for a parking garage

Just an imageShining reflections give the parking garage a special look. Photo: Haver & Boecker

The "Neil Avenue Parking Garage" with its 983 spaces for cars is a construction project by Haver & Boecker in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The parking garage is part of the campus of Ohio State University. The 3,750 sq m woven wire mesh envelope of MULTI-BARRETTE gives this functional building a secure, shiny look. "Quality, workmanship and planning down to the smallest detail ensured that this parking garage, with its stainless-steel envelope, became an outstanding project", said the Gilbane Construction Company, which was given the task of designing the façade.

Just an imageThe Internal Art Wall in the QNCC – Photo: Haver & Boecker

Bronze and stainless steel for a Convention Center

Just an imageBronze walls of the Theater Hall – Photo: Haver & Boecker

Just an imageCoffered elements on the side walls – Photo: Haver & Boecker

Spectacular effects in the interior of the "Qatar National Convention Center" in Doha (Qtar) are based on woven wire mesh from Haver & Boecker. The large Internal Art Wall consists of two offset walls, each with one side completely covered in the stainless steel woven wire mesh MULTI-BARRETTE 8123. The wall coverings consist of folded wire mesh glued onto stainless-steel-colored aluminum frame profiles.

The woven bronze MULTI-BARRETTE 8123, with its special color, enhances the exclusivity of the interior and decorates the walls of the "Theater Hall". The fabric, specially designed for the acoustic requirements of a theater, was given a transparent layer of varnish, folded at the edges and then glued inside a black aluminum frame. For the corner sections of the large theater, special solutions for the coffered elements were developed. To keep the flat and uniform look harmonious, special value was placed on an invisible support system for the woven coffered sections.

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Metallic highlights for a fashion store

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For a fashion store in Barcelona, Spain, elements were manufactured and integrated that add a high-quality, shiny look and present the displayed textiles in a noble and cool atmosphere. The ceiling panels were created using the woven wire mesh DOKAWELL-MONO 3001, and mesh of type MULTI-BARRETTE 8106 on the store walls also adds several eye-catching highlights.

Wire – fascinating and many-faceted

The sample woven wire mesh applications shown above make it impressively clear how multi-faceted the uses of woven wire mesh can be in addition to their technical purpose: semi-transparent façades which are not only a visual but also a functional highlight, room-division solutions, and decorative elements in all kinds of sectors make it clear just how universally woven wire mesh can be employed.

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Just an imageStrip-steel heald for wire weaving

Groz-Beckert – Partner to leading fabric manufacturers

Just an imageHeald frame ALtop 140

Just an imageTWINtec healds

For the processing of its most sensitive metal wire, Haver & Boecker purchases its weaving accessories from Groz-Beckert. Special looms from the ALtop family are made to order and guarantee maximum customer utility. From the double strip steel heald TWINtec to the 0.08 mm thick strip-steel heald for wire weaving, Groz-Beckert offers the ideal products for the processing requirements of Haver & Boecker.

Is there anything more you'd like to know about the weaving accessories or weaving preparation sectors? Then just get in touch with Groz-Beckert for a discussion!