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Cutting a great figure with Groz-Beckert

Tufting knives have become more powerful

Quality certainly pays dividends. For many years now, the use of high-quality materials and special production processes has been the prerequisite for the outstanding quality of Groz-Beckert tufting knives. Customers all over the world can rely one hundred percent on the constant quality of these high-precision knives. For end-users as well as leading tufting machine manufacturers (OEM), tufting knives from Groz-Beckert set the standard worldwide for the industry.

Even standard tufting knives are setting standards

Even standard tufting knives from Groz-Beckert are setting benchmarks – with the highest-quality material included. The special material forms the basis of the knives' constant quality, and the results of the sophisticated production process speak for themselves. Here's what makes the TK product line so special:

Just an imageStandard tufting knife (TK = Tufting Knife)

  • Constantly high quality, batch after batch
  • Longer service life before regrinding
  • Precisely sharpened knives in OEM quality
  • Knife thicknesses up to 1.0 mm for high stability
  • Used for all velour applications
  • Reliable and constant cutting performance
  • Clear product designation by means of laser marking
  • Optimal cutting performance with all known yarn types, including latest-generation yarns

The tufting knives are as reliable as they are universal in application: Groz-Beckert tufting knives can be supplied in all variants and sizes, and for every conceivable cutting application.

Tufting knives with carbide cutting inserts (TK SC)

For even longer service life

Downtime costs money. The objective of product improvement and further development of individual tufting tools, therefore, is optimization of all the tools in the tufting process. The preconditions here are the targeted selection and successful combination of high-quality materials in special production processes – because it is only when components are successfully connected that special efficiency can be achieved. And it is this special efficiency that guarantees the outstanding quality of Groz-Beckert tufting knives in the SC series (SC = System Cut). The results speak for themselves:

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Much longer service life before regrinding is needed, resulting in

  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Longer service life in combination with the Groz-Beckert cutting system
  • Precisely cut knives in OEM quality
  • Clear product designation via laser marking
  • Permanent retraceability of the TK SC batches
  • Optimal material coordination with all components of the cutting system

Moreover, the high-quality tools are universal in use. Groz-Beckert tufting knives with carbide inserts (TK SC) are available in the relevant variants and sizes.

Tufting knife single ⎪ example for ordering

ArticleLength x width x thickness in mmDesignOptionalAngleContinuous
variant counter
TK150 x 12,60 x 0,80RSC12 / 20°G 101

Tufting knives (TK) are available for all variants and sizes as well as for all cutting applications in our range.

The perfect package for perfect-looking goods

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Excellent wheels still don't make a racing car – it's only in combination with the right engine and chassis that the vehicle can unleash its full potential. Things are no different with tufting knives from Groz-Beckert. Especially in combination with Groz-Beckert cutting loopers, the TK and TK SC tufting knives deliver an even-looking cut and thus a perfect-looking product, particularly where sensitive yarn types are used. For special applications and gauges, Groz-Beckert also supplies special solutions – tufting knife modules, for instance.

Expertise, innovation and service in the entire tufting

With these innovations, and its many years of experience in all tufting applications, Groz-Beckert fulfills the high quality standards of the industry. With constant new and further developments, Groz-Beckert tracks the trends and accompanies machine producers and carpet manufacturers in their worldwide realization. If you have any further questions about Tufting Gauge Parts, the Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to answer them!