Magazine March 2015

Focus on the textile world: from maximum diversity to carbon fibers

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Hardly any industry offers such broad diversity as the world of textiles. From different production technologies and versatile materials all the way to the almost infinite application possibilities for textiles, the bandwidth is almost inexhaustible. In this edition of our Magazine, therefore, the articles are devoted to various aspects of the possibilities inherent in the processing of fibers, yarns, or other materials into products that enrich everyday life, now and in the future.

Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

The trade show year kicks off with DOMOTEX 2015 – Photo: Deutsche Messe

As a partner along the entire textile value chain, and so that the current demand for textile products can be met, Groz-Beckert sees itself not only as a supplier of solutions but also as a key source of advisory in the application of those solutions. DOMOTEX 2015, therefore, was a must-attend event in the calendar! In addition to the latest trends presented there, the Groz-Beckert booth demonstrated suitable tufting systems and also delivered comprehensive consulting – which can be decisive in the selection of the right solutions from the Groz-Beckert portfolio.

This application support expertise is also a key and constant feature of every Groz-Beckert technology sector. Whatever it involves - coordinating needles for innovative knitting machines by BUSI GIOVANNI, achieving even greater efficiency in weaving preparation, or the efficient sewing of leather - Groz-Beckert offers the expertise and products to meet all the challenges involved.
That also applies to materials in the textile world that until recently seemed quite exotic but are now becoming increasingly important for their physical benefits. The processing of recycled carbon fibers into nonwovens is undoubtedly one of the most interesting areas of this technology.
This combination of product and processing expertise, repeatedly proven in practice, makes Groz-Beckert a sought-after partner in the world's markets – so it's no surprise that Groz-Beckert has also had a sales subsidiary in the key market of Turkey since the beginning of this year.

Inexhaustible diversity – that's what makes the textile world so special. Groz-Beckert accompanies the industry with just as much diversity, and can often do more for you than you might think. Let the articles in this issue inspire you.

Happy reading!