Magazine March 2015

Focus on the textile world: from maximum diversity to carbon fibers

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March 2015

Hardly any industry offers such broad diversity as the world of textiles. From different production technologies and versatile materials all the way to the almost infinite application possibilities for textiles, the bandwidth is almost inexhaustible. In this edition of our Magazine, therefore, the articles are devoted to various aspects of the possibilities inherent in the processing of fibers, yarns, or other materials into products that enrich everyday life, now and in the future.

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Just an image Eric Schöller
Member of the Executive Board

Conventional technologies and the diversity of their variants

Just an image Competitive pressure and increasing requirements are continually producing new developments and fields of application. Not always is it the big step that leads to success. Also small steps – sometimes even slight modifications of existing technologies – can create something new. The result? A diversity of variants.
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Warp-tying – a systematic concept

Just an image To remain competitive, modern weaving mills have recently become more powerful, more flexible, and more quality-conscious – so it's important for these companies to have a suitably competent partner along the entire value chain of weaving. Groz-Beckert offers its customers and partners a wide range of products, know-how and services in the areas of cleaning, drawing in, warp-tying and weaving.
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The material of the future: Carbon fibers have a long history

Just an image The carbon fibers used in the days of Edison, however, cannot be compared to those in use today: they were very brittle, and sensitive to mechanical stress. Today's fibers, in contrast, have high strength and a very high modulus of elasticity.
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Graphic patterns and fine details

Just an image DOMOTEX in Hanover (Germany), the world's flagship trade show for floor coverings, always has the latest trends in the sector – and this year has been no exception. From January 17 to 20, 2015 a total of 1,323 exhibitors from 63 countries presented their innovations. For around 40,000 visitors from 100 countries, interest centered primarily on the textile floor coverings segment, the further development of carpet tiles, special equipment for carpeted floors and new, graphically sophisticated patterns. In the light of these product trends, the expertise of Groz-Beckert as a partner along the textile value chain is very much in demand. For processing that is precise as well as gentle on materials, tufting gauge part systems are the ideal tools for highly convincing and economical results.
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Sewing of leather – tips for a perfect end product

Just an image Animal skin has been processed into leather since time immemorial. However, as with all other materials, seams can differ.
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