Magazine March 2015

Focus on the textile world: from maximum diversity to carbon fibers

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BUSI GIOVANNI shows the versatility of sock machines

Competitive pressure and increasing requirements are continually producing new developments and fields of application. Not always is it the big step that leads to success. Also small steps – sometimes even slight modifications of existing technologies – can create something new. The result? A diversity of variants.

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Flexibility of the textile industry – simply brilliant

The Fully-Fashion technology has shown how conventional flat knitting machines can produce knitted casual and sports shoes – with a quite positive result, equally convincing in terms of quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Another development with an extraordinary potential for different applications is textile-reinforced concrete providing a number of advantages over conventional ferro-concrete. Combining art and functionality, it is increasingly used in modern construction.These recent examples confirm that not only groundbreaking innovations can produce a brilliant result. Sometimes all it takes is a spark, a brilliant idea to modify something existing to get something new. How this principle is put into practice is shown via examples from a couple of BUSI GIOVANNI machine models.

BUSI – Once upon a time there was a sock machine ...

The Italian company BUSI GIOVANNI has an experience of over 55 years in new developments and counts among the pioneers in the production of single cylinder sock knitting machines.

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Specialized in the production of machines with needles in the dial, the Brescia-based company has recently developed a highly innovative machine for socks with broad rib, extremely elegant men's classical socks, thanks to a special transfer needle designed in co-operation with Groz-Beckert’s technical department and realized by Groz-Beckert expressly for BUSI.

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This model is BUSI DOPPIO, the first single cylinder machine with dial needles capable of exactly replicating broad ribs, traditionally, something only previously obtained from a double cylinder machine.

Renowned for high-class technology and innovations, the niche supplier from Brescia knows exactly how diversified the requirements from customers can be. BUSI therefore commits itself to offer tailor-made solutions to the sock industry.

So when customers asked for a more economical machine to produce simple socks without true rib, BUSI developed its high performance single-cylinder model named BUSI LIGHT MP. And the same model, with diameter 3 ½" and needle counts from 72 to 108 (gauge 24), made another step in its evolution, when it was equipped with an additional device that enables the production of knitted ties.

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The current portfolio of BUSI GIOVANNI also includes machines for the production of caps, gloves, ankle and elbow supports, socks for amputees, and wrist bands – all based on standard sock machines. With its versatility and customized solutions, the family-owned Italian company leaves the beaten track and offers quite a number of innovative technological variants. With the right needles and system parts Groz-Beckert contribute their share to this interesting business model.

Flexibility of the machine, flexibility of the needles

Along with new requirements on knitting and warp knitting machines also come fresh challenges for the loop-forming components. The usually complex production processes require the needles and system parts to provide maximum reliability and performance. It is exactly such projects that require the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) of Groz-Beckert offering profound knowledge and comprehensive equipment for tests about new ideas. In so-called Co-Developments, the customers and the specialists from the TEZ work out solutions for new application fields and face the key challenges of the textile industry together.

If you are interested in Co-Development, and require support with its technical implementation the Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the right products!