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Focus on the textile world: from maximum diversity to carbon fibers

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Graphic patterns and fine details

Tufting gauge part systems as ideal tools for DOMOTEX trends

DOMOTEX in Hanover (Germany), the world's flagship trade show for floor coverings, always has the latest trends in the sector – and this year has been no exception. From January 17 to 20, 2015 a total of 1,323 exhibitors from 63 countries presented their innovations. For around 40,000 visitors from 100 countries, interest centered primarily on the textile floor coverings segment, the further development of carpet tiles, special equipment for carpeted floors and new, graphically sophisticated patterns. In the light of these product trends, the expertise of Groz-Beckert as a partner along the textile value chain is very much in demand. For processing that is precise as well as gentle on materials, tufting gauge part systems are the ideal tools for highly convincing and economical results.

Trade show summary

More readiness to invest and more visitors from Asia

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As was expected, the number of visitors was slightly lower than figure in 2014 because the trade show "BAU" was being held in Munich simultaneously – it takes place at regular intervals in the two-year cycle. As a result there were 40,000 visitors as opposed to 45,000 in the previous year. Nevertheless, the trade show organizers "Deutsche Messe" were highly satisfied with the response. More than 64 percent of the visitors came from abroad, and the largest proportion came from the European Union. There were also significant increases in visitors from the Middle East, South, East and Central Asia in comparison to the event in 2013, when the "BAU" fair was also held in parallel.

Trends 2015

New shapes, designs and equipment

Just an imageNew shapes for carpet tiles – Photo: Vorwerk

New ideas for the design of living and working environments with textile floor coverings were a key feature of the exhibits: The innovative strength of manufacturers remains as powerful as ever internationally. The exhibits at DOMOTEX revealed the themes that will be dominating 2015. Prospects for the carpet tile and its variants are as exciting as ever. With unusual shapes, different from the usual rectangles or squares, as well as particularly large formats and fine, diversely varied patterns, the industry is increasingly expanding the potential of this classic sector.

Just an imageMaterials with a new outfit – Photo: Deutsche Messe

There's also news where the processing and properties of the materials used are concerned: Fibers and yarns with antibacterial properties are setting entirely new standards of hygiene. Carpeted floorings are already considered universal talents. Coverings that are waterproof underneath, and are thus easy and intensive to maintain using water, are increasing both attractiveness and its applications. A further focus among manufacturers is on carpets produced from recycled materials; examples here include the use of fibers derived from 100 percent recycled PET bottles.

An all-time favorite

Quality is essential in production

At DOMOTEX 2015, the range of ideas on how the carpeting product segment can be further developed is highly impressive, in terms of both design and production. Both aspects are made possible by the use of Groz-Beckert system tools.

In the light of this, it was hardly surprising that demand at the Groz-Beckert booth in Hall 5 focused in particular on the tufting system: The high precision of the perfectly coordinated system components enables production of accurate patterns and intricate designs.

Just an imageSC-knife with carbide insert

As part of the system concept, the Groz-Beckert SC tufting knife played a central role at this year's DOMOTEX. It exceeds the lifetime of a standard knife many times over. This represents a significant increase in performance and efficiency for users, mainly due to reduced downtimes. Moreover, the SC knife delivers improved cut performance through its service life. This efficiency is further enhanced by the use of SC-design grippers and gripper modules that are precisely matched to the knives.

The big plus

Advisory from Groz-Beckert

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Of course, the numerous visitors at the booth also showed great interest in other aspects of the Groz-Beckert portfolio, but the clear "audience favorite" this year was definitely the tufting system and its advantages in terms of tool life. Alongside quality in production, application advisory turned out to be a key argument here. There was high demand for support with the right tool combinations to meet specific challenges in production. These consulting services form a key component of Groz-Beckert service offering.

Would you like to benefit from special expertise in your own product development? Just get in touch with the Groz-Beckert experts, who will be happy to assist you with the preparation and the application!