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Focus on the textile world: from maximum diversity to carbon fibers

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Systematic success – Powerful warp-tying machines for modern weaving

The weaving product range at Groz-Beckert

The weaving product range at Groz-Beckert is actually relatively young. For 15 years now, ever since the acquisition of the brand GROB, the company has offered weaving accessories. Its development into a comprehensive supplier for the weaving process was made possible by the integration of cleaning systems from Spaleck textile machines, warp-tying machine systems from Knotex and Fischer-Poege, and drawing-in systems from EL&M. These are the basic requirements to be able to operate weaving mills for all applications. In addition, innovative ideas and experience provide the basis for maximum efficiency of the systems offered. With Groz-Beckert, weaving machine providers, traditional weaving mills and niche providers all minimize their setup time and downtime, benefiting from high performance, flexibility and, ultimately, high weaving quality.

Warp-tying expertise – from standard to special

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With the KnotMaster system, Groz-Beckert offers a powerful warp-tying machine with superior technology for the most diverse fields of application. Thanks to its self-explanatory handling, the KnotMaster is easy to operate. Users benefit from the flexible modular system, which can be adapted very quickly to new demands. Due to the high adaptability of the system, machine downtimes during warp changes are reduced.

In addition to the standard machine KnotMaster AS/3, various special warp-tying machines for special applications are also available.

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The functions of the KnotMaster at a glance

Single and double knots

Just an imageSingle knot

Groz-Beckert warp-tying machines are available with single and double knot function. Operators can alternate between the knot types depending on the model.

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Just an imageOld warp and new warp without lease

Warp-tying methods

Just an imageOld warp without lease and new warp with lease

Just an imageOld warp with lease and new warp without lease

Just an imageOld warp and new warp with lease

Thanks to the modular system, the warp-tying machines master all four warp-tying methods:

  • Old warp and new warp without lease
  • Old warp without lease and new warp with lease
  • Old warp with lease and new warp without lease
  • Old warp and new warp with lease

Due to the interchangeable tying group, the special warp-tying machines for special applications can be rapidly adapted to every requirement.

Double thread detection

On warps with lease, the warp is checked for lease faults. If a double thread is detected, the machine stops immediately and displays the thread layer in which the fault is located. Smooth functioning of this fault detection is also guaranteed with elastic materials. For smoothed warps without lease, the standard machine AS/3 has an optional electronic double thread detection function.

Yarn break detection

If a knot is not formed, this is detected by the yarn break detector and the machine is switched off. This feature is necessary for a flawlessly knotted warp, and it increases process reliability.

Thread clips

The mechanically controlled thread clips are separately clamped, i.e. threads of different thicknesses on old and new warps can be compensated on all KnotMaster models. This is especially important for sensitive materials, since this method clamps the threads very gently.

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Operator- and service-friendly modular system

Due to the unique modular system, KnotMaster is very easy to operate as well as service. The parts are easily accessible for checks or exchanges, and the pull-out tying group also saves on cleaning time.

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Despite its many functions and features, operating the KnotMaster is very simple. Handling of the machine via the computerized control panel can be very quickly learned: The program works with easy-to-understand icons, guiding the user through each step. No complicated commands or key combinations need to be entered. A touchscreen, angled slightly toward the operator side, constantly displays all the available input options.

Groz-Beckert offers warp-tying machines and frames for every challenge – from standard applications to special applications such as the tying of glass warps.

Just an imageGlass yarns for heat resistant clothing

Tying of glass warps

Just an imageGlass yarns as base fabric for printed circuit boards

In warp preparation, delicate glass yarns can be securely clamped to the finest of titers by the thread-friendly clamping systems from Groz-Beckert. The KnotMaster machines also function perfectly during warp-tying: the special method of knot and double-knot formation make it easy to tie glass yarns.

The special warp-tying machines RS/3 and ZS/3 are recommended for these applications.

Application examples:

  • Base fabric for printed circuit boards for the electronics industry
  • Reinforcements for the production of textile-reinforced concrete
  • Carrier material for any heat and fireproof fabric

Just an imageTent roof

Tying of PP and PE tapes up to 7 mm width

In the warp preparation of PP and PE tapes (polypropylene and polyethylene tapes), the production of the fabric, or more precisely the separation of the tapes, on very broad weaving machines represents a challenge. For this purpose, Groz-Beckert can supply warp-tying-in frames up to a continuous tying width of 5,600 mm. The special twin-tying frames enable warps to be tied up to a width of 6,000 mm.

During warp-tying, the KnotMaster automatically determines the location of the tapes to be knotted. This leads to excellent results during tying of tape warps.

The special warp-tying machine recommended for these applications is the TS/3 Tape Master – available on customer request in double-knot design. The KnotMaster models used for this application are also ideally suited to extremely tricky warps.

Application examples:

  • Geotextiles
  • Tarps and bags
  • Privacy and sun protection
  • Tent canopies and balcony panels

Just an imageInsect Screens

Tying of monofilaments up to 0.8 mm diameter

Groz-Beckert's clamping principle using clamping bars can be continuously adapted to the monofilaments that need to be tied, thus guaranteeing reliable clamping in warp preparation. A more powerful version of the KnotMaster, equipped with a unique knot locking system, enables problem-free tying even of these inflexible monofilaments. For these applications, the more powerful version of the TS/3 is recommended.

Application examples:

  • Filtration fabrics
  • Conveyors
  • Geotextiles
  • Insect Screens
  • Hail protection nets

Would you like to learn more about the KnotMaster models and their applications? The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to advise you!