News April 2016

Digital worlds for the textile industry

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The textile world has long since arrived in the digital age, and is becoming increasingly dominated by bits and bytes. That applies not only to increasingly intelligent machines for ever more precise and sophisticated production, but also to processes and how they are organized. Groz-Beckert sees itself as a partner within the textile value chain, and therefore as a service provider for the businesses and people that drive the textile world every single day. From providing help with choosing the right Groz-Beckert product to calculation tools for daily production and important expertise, the digital world of Groz-Beckert offers its users real benefits – free of charge, and 24/7.

Discover the digital world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

Four digital worlds

In more and more areas, Groz-Beckert is ensuring that digital information is making everyday work in the textile world easier – with a total of four digital worlds. The first one, the Groz-Beckert website at, covers classic information requirements. With first impressions of the company and its products and services, it provides a clearly structured and detailed presentation of the Groz-Beckert portfolio. The second digital world is the one you're using right now: the Groz-Beckert newsletter, with its variants Magazine, News and Ticker. It keeps its subscribers up-to-date on all the trends, products and best practice reports from the textile value chain.

Interactive – on all devices

Interactive information options are offered by the myGrozBeckert app, which arrived in app stores five years ago; for two years now, following a comprehensive relaunch, it has offered even more functions. Far-reaching product information for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, useful tools for calculations in the daily production process, as well as instructive films and animations are all included among the numerous benefits of this popular app.

The latest achievement in the Groz-Beckert digital world quartet is an Online Customer Portal for even more information. At the web address, the Sewing sector provides access to detailed product information, useful background knowledge, and ordering options. Other Groz-Beckert technology sectors will follow successively.


In this way, Groz-Beckert offers its customers comprehensive, model-independent access to important knowledge in German, English and Chinese – a clear declaration in favor of partnership thinking for the global textile industry. Because high familiarity with the products and services from Groz-Beckert also means being able to make optimal use of their full potential – and that's what gives customers the edge over the competition. Take full advantage of these digital opportunities – for your success!

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