News April 2016

Digital worlds for the textile industry

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The Online Newsletter – digital worlds for the textile industry

The textile world has long since arrived in the digital age, and is becoming increasingly dominated by bits and bytes. That applies not only to increasingly intelligent machines for ever more precise and sophisticated production, but also to processes and how they are organized. Groz-Beckert sees itself as a partner within the textile value chain, and therefore as a service provider for the businesses and people that drive the textile world every single day. From providing help with choosing the right Groz-Beckert product to calculation tools for daily production and important expertise, the digital world of Groz-Beckert offers its users real benefits – free of charge, and 24/7.

Discover the digital world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

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Member of the Executive Board

Discover the Groz-Beckert digital world of Knitting

Just an image In the textile world every knitter, knitting producer and machine manufacturer encounters unique challenges. Groz-Beckert offers products that enable customers to meet their own objectives, such as the best quality with the highest possible profit. The offer is rounded off by a comprehensive service solution that also includes training programs. Groz-Beckert thus offers a broad range of solutions to all the challenges in the knitting and warp knitting sector. For customers who appreciate the latest online technology, the company's comprehensive product and service offerings are now available in digital form.
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Discover the Groz-Beckert digital world of Weaving

Just an image To guarantee optimal service that increases customer benefits, Groz-Beckert offers a variety of digital platforms. These include the Groz-Beckert website, the myGrozBeckert app, and also the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter, which keeps you regularly informed about the latest news and topics. Take a closer look at what the digital world of Groz-Beckert can offer you where weaving is concerned.
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Discover the Groz-Beckert digital world of Nonwovens!

Just an image Groz-Beckert has been stepping up its digital presence for several years now – and it all began with the introduction of the company's own app "myGrozBeckert" at the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona. Three years later, at the ITMA Asia 2014, the app was relaunched with a new design, plus enhanced content and functions. The company's website has also had a new look since the spring of 2013, with detailed information about the company and its products online. Find out more about the Groz-Beckert digital offering in the Nonwovens sector.
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Discover the Groz-Beckert digital world of Tufting

Just an image With its global distribution network, consisting of its own sales subsidiaries and long-established agencies, Groz-Beckert guarantees that its customers in the Tufting sector receive expert advice and global, on-site service. The times are changing, and in Groz-Beckert's favor: For many years now, the company has devoted itself intensively to the digital world, whether with its own app myGrozBeckert, its modern and informative website, or the Online Newsletter. This means that around the clock, Groz-Beckert offers its customers a variety of different ways to gather information and to get in touch with their respective contacts in the company. Find out more about the digital potential of the Tufting sector!
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The digital world of sewing

Just an image As a partner to the sewing industry, Groz-Beckert is always one step ahead with its comprehensive 5-star service concept. In addition to support before, during and after the production process, Groz-Beckert now offers various digital services as well.
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