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Digital worlds for the textile industry

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Discover the Groz-Beckert digital world of Weaving

Weaving Online

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In 2013, the Groz-Beckert homepage was relaunched with a new design and new content. Since then, the website has provided customers with, among others, detailed product information from the Weaving product sector, accessible at any time. This information includes:

  • General product information - available online
  • Detailed product brochures - available online and for download
  • Special videos and animations - available online and for download

As additional customer support information, the following content is available:

  • Specification forms
  • Spare parts catalogs
  • Overview and calculation tables
  • Model overviews and modular systems
  • Installation and operating instructions
  • Training programs for the Weaving sector – GB Academy

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myGrozBeckert app – Weaving sector

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Ever since the ITMA in Barcelona in 2011, Groz-Beckert has offered the myGrozBeckert app, providing customers with product-specific content, brochures and selected videos. The special feature of the app is its so-called Toolbox, where users have access to useful calculation tools. These are exclusive to the app, and in the Weaving sector they include programs for yarn gauge conversion as well as for calculating drop wire weights.

Contents of the app in the Weaving sector:

  • General product information – available offline
  • Detailed product brochures – for download
  • Special videos and animations – for download

Further customer support tools in the toolbox:

  • Yarn gauge calculator
  • Heald applications
  • Drop wire weight calculator
  • Drop wire density calculator

Would you like to discover more about how digital offers from Groz-Beckert can assist you in your daily work? The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to advise you!