News April 2016

Digital worlds for the textile industry

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– the Groz-Beckert digital world of Sewing

As a partner to the sewing industry, Groz-Beckert is always one step ahead with its comprehensive 5-star service concept. In addition to support before, during and after the production process, Groz-Beckert now offers various digital services as well, with numerous benefits provided by the online customer portal with its integrated product catalog and also the online shop. Moreover, the "myGrozBeckert" app contains a great deal of fascinating information about the Groz-Beckert product portfolio. The tools integrated there and the label scanners all simplify your daily work. Discover more about the Groz-Beckert digital world of sewing!

The online Customer Portal

In its extensive online customer portal, Groz-Beckert provides a steadily growing knowledge database containing abundant information on everything to do with sewing technology. In addition to numerous details on sewing products, you will also find impressive animations on different stitch types. These clearly illustrate how the interaction of thread, needle and machine creates different types of stitches.

The newly developed product catalog, also a part of the customer portal, enables you to search quickly and reliably for the products you want. The search can be done via various filters, or via direct input of the material number. In addition, the catalog lists product features, further technical information and also contour drawings.

The benefits of the online customer portal at a glance:

  • Constant availability of the portal and the product catalog, making it possible to search for sewing machine needles anytime
  • Extensive information about sewing technology and the sewing products from Groz-Beckert
  • Direct contact with the manufacturer
  • Exclusive access to different animations about stitch formation

If you don't have access to the customer portal yet, you can register at

The Online Shop

In addition to the extensive information contained in the online customer portal, Groz-Beckert already offers selected markets the option of ordering sewing products online. The desired products can be selected from the Online Catalog or uploaded via an Excel list. Even the creation of order templates is possible. The Online Shop also offers the option of querying the status of orders and shipments, and viewing invoices and order confirmations.

In addition to the countries where the online shop is already available, it will be implemented in further markets over the coming months.

The "myGrozBeckert" app

The "myGrozBeckert" app has been available for mobile devices ever since the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona, and has been continuously developed and improved. In addition to well-founded knowledge about all areas of the textile value chain, it also includes extensive information about the Groz-Beckert product portfolio. Furthermore, various tools and calculators for everyday use in the textile world can be found in the "Toolbox".

Just an imageThe toolbox for the Sewing product sector

In the Sewing sector, these include a conversion table for yarn gauges or a list of recommended needle diameters for different sewing threads and yarn thicknesses.
The app features user-friendly navigation with an intuitive user structure. It is free of charge, and available for the iOS and Android operating systems in ​​German, English and Chinese.

With myGrozBeckert you always have offline access to the entire Groz-Beckert world of sewing!

One-click authentification

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With the label scanner, specially developed by Groz-Beckert, sewing machine needles from Groz-Beckert can be tested for authenticity with little effort. Scanning of the data matrix code, located on the label of the needle package, makes it possible to establish whether or not the product is an original one by Groz-Beckert.

The label scanner is integrated in the "myGrozBeckert" app, where it can be found in the toolbox in the Sewing category.

New brochures

– now with links to further information

Since the ITMA 2015 in Milan (Italy), Groz-Beckert has had a new corporate design. All the information brochures for the company's products and services have been revised and optimized accordingly.

A further new feature is the QR code that can be found at various locations in the brochures: When scanned, it leads to the digital version of the relevant brochure as well as to additional related information. As a result, the two worlds – analog and digital – are linked and enhanced.

As always, you can find all the brochures in the media library.