News April 2016

Digital worlds for the textile industry

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myGrozBeckert – textile know-how, accessible anytime

The myGrozBeckert app is available for the operating systems iOS and Android, and can be downloaded from Apple's App Store and from Google Play in the languages ​​German, English and Chinese.

Alongside basic information about Groz-Beckert and its products and services, the app features a comprehensive "Toolbox" containing useful tools for the textile industry. Exclusively, the myGrozBeckert app contains free modules for use in the nonwovens industry. One tool, for instance, can be used to convert fiber gauges – simply and intuitively, using a digital slider!

Here's where to get the "myGrozBeckert" app in China

Find out about the various tools for the nonwovens sector below.

  • Tool: Digital conversion of fiber gauges

    From cotton and jute to viscose and polyester, a total of 28 fiber types can be selected. By manually entering the desired gauge, or by vertically sliding the virtual tape measures, the fiber gauge is displayed simultaneously in dtex, TD, microns and tex. The 4 unit systems are available on the basis of the following formulae:

    • dtex: weight of a fiber in grams per 10,000 m
    • TD: weight of a fiber in grams per 9,000 m
    • microns: fiber diameter in microns
    • tex: weight of a fiber in grams per 1,000 m

  • Tool: Digital determination of penetration depth

    The choice of working part cross-section, barb configurations, barb spacings and the number of penetrating barbs leads on to recommendation of an individually determined penetration depth. If a penetration depth exceeds 15 mm, it is highlighted in red. A penetration depth higher than 15 mm leads to extreme deflection during needling, and this can result in serious needle breakage. Digital determination of penetration depth helps to prevent this.

  • Tool: Digital determination of stitch density

    Input of e.g., needle density per centimeter, strokes per minute, and feed per stroke show the stitch density per square centimeter and the production speed per minute that can be achieved. The limits for each objective can be explored and tested here using the individual sliders.

With all the diversity of content offered by the myGroz-Beckert app, definition of a personal homepage can facilitate matters. A click on the hamburger menu under "My Settings" enables selection of the preferred textile technology. Many other areas of the app can be controlled, too: The additional function "Download all attachments", for example, conveniently makes it possible to install all the brochures and films simultaneously. This guarantees full availability of all content, also in offline mode.

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The control inside the app works via icons

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The "Media library" contains not only product-specific datasheets (in English and German) but also videos and animations. This media content can be shared with other people by sending a link.

The textile Groz-Beckert calendar images are a further special feature of this media library. These so-called "macroworlds" present the different textile fabrics as part of a visually stunning theme-world. They can be downloaded and used as wallpaper on your smartphone or tablet.

The Groz-Beckert homepage – all information and contacts

The Groz-Beckert homepage provides extensive information. This includes both general information on the company and its product range as well as detailed information for research regarding individual products and services.

All contact partners around the world – from the company's own subsidiaries to its trading partners and agencies – can be found under Groz-Beckert worldwide. This guarantees that customers always know the right person to contact.

The dynamic "Highlights" section – on the bottom left of the homepage and on every start page of the individual sections – provides an overview of the latest updates and topics. From here, the topics highlighted can all be accessed directly.

In the Felting sector, customers will find extensive information on all the products and services for the nonwovens industry. The respective pages are also filled with additional information, plus a direct contact option for individual topics.

Discover the Groz-Beckert digital world of nonwovens for yourself, at