Magazine March 2017

The textile world at a glance: From staple fiber needle punch line to service

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When in October 2012 Felix Baumgartner jumped from a helium balloon in the stratosphere he set several aeronautical records as millions of people around the world watched. Two years later Alan Eustace broke these records, far from the public eye. And he's not alone – whether man or machine, in science and industry every day there are world records and exciting developments emerging from work on the products of tomorrow. As a manufacturer and development partner, we at Groz-Beckert are aware of the significance of such excellence and would like to invite you, as a Newsletter reader, to discover the workaday records of Groz-Beckert products with our new fact box "Did you know this?".

Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so.

Groz-Beckert expands resources and services

Since 2010 Groz-Beckert has been connecting experienced textile experts with innovative customers and partners at the TEZ. Close-to-production machines and facilities lay the foundation for development of innovative products with textile covering, as well as for the discovery of new potentials and increases in efficiency along the textile value chain. With the extension of a staple fiber needle punch line in the Nonwovens Technical Center at the Technology and Development Center (TEZ), the entire process of nonwovens production – from bale opening to the finished nonwoven product – can be illustrated for the first time. The new staple fiber needle punch line provides customers and partners with a platform for testing and for joint projects in needle and textile development. Individual usage variations and optimized technical configuration top off the expanded service offering. Continue reading to find out how your company can also benefit from the new staple fiber needle punch line.

The subdivision Carding is also starting the second quarter of the year with a change. Fast, flexible, reliable – and as of April centrally located. The original carding service sites in Germany and Belgium are being merged in 2017 at Groz-Beckert KG headquarters in Albstadt. The beloved mobile service, however, will remain unchanged and continue available to you, as a customer, in the usual scope.

Free trade zones─an opportunity for developing countries

Ethiopia: A landlocked country in the northeast of Africa that has been making a name for itself in the textile and clothing industry for some time now. More and more free-trade zones are being created in which customs duties are dismantled and trade barriers between states eliminated. In this issue you can also read about how changing textile-industry production sites affect Ethiopia.

Increased demands boost innovation

Higher standards for end products require not only the smooth processing of abrasive, but also of chemical warp yarns. Groz-Beckert faces these more demanding requirements for healds with the monofilament jacquard heald. It is differentiated, as described in the last Newsletter issue, from the double-filament heald primarily by the wire diameter and inset mail used. But how do the new materials affect cutting behavior or material adherence? Intriguing macro and SEM images and detailed explanations deliver special insight into the advantages of the Groz-Beckert jacquard heald without solder.

Stylish carpeting – at your feet

Carpeting as an energy saver? Its heat storage makes a strong case for anyone who can appreciate the natural warmth of a floor. Carpeting also earns kudos for its contribution to room acoustics in living quarters and office space. From decorative tufted coverings and fashionable carpet tiles to natural-looking artificial turf – the DOMOTEX in Hanover presented the trends of the coming season in January. The market for carpet tiles has also been good to Groz-Beckert as it exhibits its proven tufting system at the DOMOTEX. Read about how you can benefit from Loop Control® when processing soft-fiber yarns.

Portrait: MAS Holdings

Get to know a company, MAS Holdings, which places special value on the environment and sustainability, as well as on social aspects, and is ready to blaze new trails.

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