Magazine March 2017

The textile world at a glance: From staple fiber needle punch line to service

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When in October 2012 Felix Baumgartner jumped from a helium balloon in the stratosphere he set several aeronautical records as millions of people around the world watched. Two years later Alan Eustace broke these records, far from the public eye. And he's not alone – whether man or machine, in science and industry every day there are world records and exciting developments emerging from work on the products of tomorrow. As a manufacturer and development partner, we at Groz-Beckert are aware of the significance of such excellence and would like to invite you, as a Newsletter reader, to discover the workaday records of Groz-Beckert products with our new fact box "Did you know this?".

Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

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Just an image Dr. Thomas Lindner
Chairman of Executive Board

MAS Holdings – a customer portrait

Just an image In previous newsletters we reported about the possibilities offered by our Groz-Beckert Academy and the capacities of our Technology and Development Center. One customer who uses this offer is MAS Holdings in Sri Lanka. For you, we took a closer look at this interesting company.
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Jacquard heald

Just an image In the previous newsletter we reported on the new jacquard heald. You learned about the potential models, currently distinguished above all by the thickness of the wire and inset mail eye used. Today's newsletter provides you with all essential information on the advantages of monofilament healds over twin-wire healds, for example when working with abrasive or chemically-treated yarns.
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The new staple fiber needle punch line in the TEZ

Just an image For several years now Groz-Beckert has entertained the idea of expanding its offers for the nonwoven industry in its Technnology and Development Center (TEZ). A customer questionnaire in 2014 was performed to determine which customer demands could be fulfilled with a new nonwovens line. It led to the final technical configuration of the new staple fiber needle punch line (SVL) and its utilization concept. A large part of the line will soon be available for customer projects, trials, joint development, small batch series production and proprietary projects. Additional contingents are planned for use by universities and the Groz-Beckert Academy and others.
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Promising DOMOTEX 2017

Just an image The DOMOTEX in Hanover that ended on 17 January was one of the most successful ever. The leading international trade fair for carpeting and floor coverings is a generator of ideas for business, fashion and innovation, a role confirmed by the 1,409 exhibitors from 60 countries and a contingent of quality international visitors - about 70% came from abroad. Groz-Beckert was also present at this major fair.
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Optimized Europe Service

Just an image The Groz-Beckert Carding service workshop in Deerlijk, Belgium, will be consolidated with the carding workshop in Albstadt, Germany, at the end of March 2017. Repair of special rollers and mounting of special card clothing for European carding customers has, until now, taken place at the service workshops in Germany and Belgium. Both workshops will be merged by the end of March 2017 to act as a central service workshop for European customers. It will be located at Groz-Beckert KG headquarters in Albstadt. As a customer you will benefit in particular from improved process execution and quicker supply via effective use of resources.
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Focus on Ethiopia: the future of the clothing industry?

Just an image The trade fair ASFW (African Sourcing and Fashion Week) represents Ethiopia's goal to occupy a central position in the global textile and clothing industry over the coming decades.
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