Magazine December 2020

Unprecedented times, unprecedented challenges

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2020 was an eventful year with many new challenges. However, radical changes can also bring potential for renewal and further development. In this issue of our magazine, we will therefore focus on various sectors, companies and subject areas that have either changed successfully due to this year's developments or had already been well prepared for such a situation thanks to their concept.

One topic that played a major role throughout the year is personal protective equipment. In this newsletter, you will learn how the variuos types of masks differ and how they are categorized. With Evolution St. Louis, we will also introduce you to a company that specializes in local and flexible production and will familiarize you with the numerous functions of Groz-Beckert's optimized Sewing Customer Portal – because online shops and short supply chains have become even more important this year. Last but not least, the Tufting and Carding articles show that a focus on customer needs can lead to creative solutions. We hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Knitting: Knitwear Made in America

The world is changing and, with it, the idea of what a modern knitting factory should look like and what it should offer. Best example: Evolution St. Louis. Read what makes this knitting factory so special in the Knitting article in this magazine.

Felting: PPE in the times of corona

Corona is the number one topic all over the world in 2020. And it has meant that the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and mouth and nose masks in particular exploded practically overnight. Read the Felting article in this magazine to learn more about personal protective equipment and how it is manufactured.

Tufting: Focus on customer needs

Demanding carpet surfaces require joint development work on-site. Together with our long-standing partner Danfloor, we have done just that successfully. In the Tufting article in this magazine, we present the special challenges and results of the project.

Carding: The fight against rust on card clothings

How does rust occur? What measures does Groz-Beckert take to minimize the risk of rust? What can be done preventively and what if it is already too late? We explore these questions in the Carding article of this magazine.

Sewing: The Customer Portal for sewing machine needles

The Sewing Customer Portal in its new look: So that you can order sewing machine needles quickly and easily and are always up-to-date with the latest information. In the Sewing article of this magazine, we present the technically improved version of the Customer Portal with all its new and optimized functions.