Magazine June 2020

New ideas and new perspectives

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"Standing still is going backwards” that is also, or perhaps even especially, true for the business world. In order to succeed in the highly competitive markets and to come out on top against competitors, you have to set yourself apart. It is often not enough to do one thing really well. It is important to evolve and not to rely on the familiar and established approaches. The articles in this newsletter all focus on this topic in one way or another.

Sometimes, all it takes is to look at a familiar situation from a different perspective, like a Groz-Beckert colleague discovered while working from home. If you take a closer look at familiar surroundings, you’ll be surprised what we overlook in everyday life because we just take it for granted. When it comes to innovations or extensive changes, on the other hand, we sometimes need a little more support and input from outside. So it is great when you find the right working environment for this. And if a company has ventured into new areas, the important thing is to use and expand potential.

On this note: In this case, it’s June that makes everything new.

Prepare to be inspired. We hope you enjoy reading.

Knitting: The Santoni Materials Experience Center (MEC)

Anything is possible: Turn ideas into reality – that is the goal of Santoni Shanghai with the Materials Experience Center. In the Knitting article in this magazine, we will present the workshop for creative working from Santoni.

Weaving: Working from home meets woven fabric

With different eyes: In the Weaving article in this magazine, a Groz-Beckert colleague reports on his extraordinary discoveries while working from home.

Felting: Pssst…Nonwovens for acoustic applications

Ears open: We encounter noise everywhere in daily life, whether in private or while at work, at home or while on the move. In the Felting article in this magazine, you will find out how nonwovens play an important role in making your surroundings more pleasant thanks to sound insulation.

Carding: Five years of Groz-Beckert Carding – a review

How time flies: Groz-Beckert laid the foundation for the Carding product area with an acquisition in May 2015. A lot has happened since then. In the Carding article of this magazine, read about how the division has developed in the fields of know-how, warehouse and sales administration, service and product portfolio after its launch at ITMA 2015 in Milan.

Sewing: Products for bookbinding

New in the product range: Groz-Beckert has expanded its production range with another segment and now offers different products for mechanical bookbinding. Bookbinding and the relevant products are presented in the Sewing article in this magazine.