News JUNE 2014

ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 June 16-20, 2014

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Automotive interiors

The perceived quality of an automobile depends to a great extent on the look-and-feel of its interior. This is why automobile manufacturers attach great importance to it where the production of visible parts is concerned.

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With needled nonwovens that are visible in automotive interiors, a basic distinction is made between structured and flat-needled products. The choice of whether to use felting or structuring needles depends here on the requirements of the customer and on the desired appearance of the relevant nonwoven surface.

From KV to twisted – the ideal needles for every quality

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For regular surface quality, with no special requirements placed on look-and-feel, felting needles with KV barbs are recommended.

The KV needle delivers high process stability at reasonable cost.

When high demands are placed on the surface quality of flat-needled products, process stability is an important factor. Here, the resulting surface depends to a great extent on the optimal form of the felting needle.

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For applications like these, the Groz-Beckert EcoStar is an ideal tool: Long needle service life, long-lasting barbs, and reduced energy consumption not only guarantee an even more efficient production process but also help to protect the environment.

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To improve efficiency in the needling process, twisted needles are the best choice. The twisted shape of the working part means that the barbs of the felting needles are more defined in operation – resulting in even more efficient needling combined with higher production speeds.

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Using structuring to provide a surface finish is a further important element in the production of nonwovens for the automotive industry – and here, precision-produced needles designed for long-term use are definitely an advantage in production. Fork needles for a grainy surface are subjected to just as much stress as crown needles used for velvety surfaces. In production, dense and stable surface structures are achieved by the combined use of fork and crown needles.

A common feature of these products from the Groz-Beckert range is their optimal design and long service life in daily production: Needle changes are required less frequently, and the quality produced is continuous. It is this increase in efficiency and process reliability that makes Groz-Beckert needles so attractive for the supplier sector.

In addition to factors such as increased productivity and higher quality, other Groz-Beckert strengths such as optimal care, efficient service, delivery reliability and innovative power also play a significant role. A further Groz-Beckert success factor is the reliable and rapid availability of needles for the manufacture of a product.

Would you like to find out more about how optimally tailored products and services from Groz-Beckert can increase your productivity and value-added? Then just contact the Groz-Beckert experts, who will be happy to assist you – either directly at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014, or via e-mail!