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Highlights of the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2010

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From June 22 to 26, international experts will be in Shanghai, China, where the ITMA ASIA + CITME is being held there for the second time. The trade fair is the international meeting point for textile suppliers and associated companies.

The Groz-Beckert knitting machine parts division is looking forward to the trade fair with great confidence. Alongside innovative needle developments, the Groz-Beckert knitting head and the Groz-Beckert cylinder will be the focus of interest.

Trade fair outlook ITMA ASIA - Knitting machine parts di

Groz-Beckert quality cylinders from 7 to 60 inches and gauge E3 to E68

Not only the quality of products, but also their safe and environmentally-compatible production are essential worldwide. At the ITMA ASIA trade fair, Groz-Beckert shows how the principle of sustainability is integrated into its corporate guidelines:

  • through ecologically sound action with the aim of protecting natural resources
  • on the basis of partnership and cooperation with all business partners in the interests of the environment
  • through ecological success in data, facts and figures
These principles embrace every section of the company, from the creation of a product to its optimal customer benefit. Further trade-fair-relevant topics related to knitting are listed below:

Groz-Beckert knitting head in continuous use

The Groz-Beckert knitting head was introduced at the ITMA in Munich in 2007. It was an instant success on the market - and several Chinese circular knitting machine manufacturers already have the knitting head in their portfolios. Now, three years later, at the ITMA ASIA, Groz-Beckert is proving the efficiency of this product in practical and continuous use.

Groz-Beckert cylinders – The basis of success

The higher the requirements placed on gauge, the more important the precision manufacture of the cylinder. A homogeneous loop structure on large circular knitting machines demands the highest precision with regard to the finished cylinder and sinker rings as well as the highest accuracy in coordination between cylinder and sinker ring and/or dial.

Just an imageKnitting elements carrier

Groz-Beckert guarantees constant precision for all gauges in its production range, which comprises almost all diameters up to 60 inches and from E3 to E68. At the ITMA ASIA Groz-Beckert will be presenting diverse trends in ultrafine gauges - as well as what is required to ensure they can be manufactured in the highest quality.

Innovative needle developments

Just an imageGroz-Beckert knitting needle in pressing 0.21 mm

The requirements placed on knitting needles for the production of knitwear are growing increasingly extreme. The search for new areas of application, high production performance, long service life and also the topics of energy and environmental efficiency are all boosting innovation. At the ITMA ASIA the company will be presenting new approaches for sock, flat and circular knitting needle sectors.