Magazine March 2010

All the latest news from the world of textiles

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I invite you to discover what motivates brands, and to feel the pulse of development in textile production - along the entire value-added chain. From now on, our Online Newsletter will be keeping you up to date several times a year with important topics, trends and innovations. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert - there's no better time to do so!

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Just an image Dr. Thomas Lindner
Chairman of Executive Board

Highlights of the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2010

Just an image From June 22 to 26, international experts will be in Shanghai, China, where the ITMA ASIA + CITME is being held there for the second time. The trade fair is the international meeting point for textile suppliers and associated companies.

The Groz-Beckert knitting machine parts division is looking forward to the trade fair with great confidence. Alongside innovative needle developments, the Groz-Beckert knitting head and the Groz-Beckert cylinder will be the focus of interest.
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litespeed® – An environment-friendly development

Just an image The environment problem - increasingly a topic of discussion, especially in the media - is influencing people's steadily-growing environmental awareness. As a result there has been an increasing readiness over the past few years to take action with regard to environmental protection and gentleness on resources.
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Pacific Textiles - Green Production in Asia

Just an image Pacific Textiles is a leading manufacturer for customized knitted fabric with a focus on complex and high value-added fabrics. Despite a challenging environment with lackluster consumer confidence and low spending power, the group could uphold its competitive edge and achieve an encouraging performance during the first half of 2009 / 2010 business year.
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Bundled competence

Just an image As of January 1, 2010 all the activities of GROB Textile AG, Lachen (Switzerland) were transferred to the Groz-Beckert Group headquarters in Albstadt, South Germany. The important reasons behind this far-reaching decision relate to a further reinforcement of the quality brand GROB as a genuine full-assortment provider and competent systems supplier in everything to do with weaving.

Special emphasis has been placed here on know-how concentration, expansion of development, innovation and sales, cross-divisional synergies, even better service and optimal availability.
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Just an image Leno weaving systems have a broad range of uses and are also being used increasingly in technical applications. This is resulting in attractive market potential. PosiLeno® - the new simplified and flexible leno system - makes performance increases of more than 100 percent possible, compared to conventional leno systems. The preconditions here are created by optimised shed formation movements for doup frames, heald frames and warp yarns.
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Board Master System – for efficient needleboard logistics

Just an image The market for nonwovens demands innovative solutions - and Groz-Beckert welcomes this challenge.

At the ITMA 2007 in Munich, following extensive development work, Groz-Beckert presented the prototype of the Board Master System. Further development of the modular system is currently a priority, and the first models are already being tested in practice.

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Floor coverings – our daily companions

Just an image Offices, public areas, hospitals, wards and care centres, laboratories and schools, kindergartens, swimming pools, stairways - here and in many other places, floor coverings play a key role as the upper layer of the floor. This article takes a look at their numerous different aspects.
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Customer Portrait: DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS

Just an image When it comes to the production of tufted or felted floor coverings, one country stands out: Belgium. Today Groz-Beckert presents an important partner from this application sector: DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS. The company is a part of the DOMO Group, which today numbers more than 1,700 employees and has an annual turnover exceeding 900 million Euro. It all began in 1989, the year in which the Group was founded.
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Online Catalog Tufting

Just an image With the integration of the brands Eisbär, SNF and Schlemper, Groz-Beckert has consolidated the entire Gauge Parts Tufting product portfolio and brought it into line with technically advanced and standardised criteria. This consolidated product platform is now available to you in all its diversity as a regularly updated Online Catalogue.
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GEBESWITCH®: The needle holder for uncompromising quality

Just an image GEBESWITCH® from Groz-Beckert simplifies the quick change of needle sizes in lock stitching machines.
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