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GEBESWITCH®: The needle holder for uncompromising qualit

GEBESWITCH® from Groz-Beckert simplifies the quick change of needle sizes in lock stitching machines. The new development guarantees uncompromising adaptation of the machine to the material - and the efficiency of this technology has already been practice-proven.

GEBESWITCH® – Machine and material as a homogeneous unit

With medium-heavy machines, adjustment of the needle looper when changing needle sizes is very time-consuming and as a result is not always carried out consistently. Seams of inferior quality are often the result. GEBESWITCH® from Groz-Beckert provides assistance here. Areas of application are technical textiles, such as car interiors, protective clothing, sails and tents, as well as the production of padded furniture, leatherware and footwear.

Different needle sizes are needed for processing different materials. This requires a considerable amount of adjustment work, especially in machines with vertical loopers. The original machine settings are also lost.

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Leading sewing-machine manufacturers and end-users who need maximum productivity use GEBESWITCH® with great success. The looper no longer has to be adjusted. GEBESWITCH® enables the machine to be adapted within 10 seconds to the different needle sizes - quickly and easily. The adjustable thickness range takes in sizes from Nm 80 - Nm 200. This investment quickly pays itself off, especially for customers who process a broad range of different materials.

GEBESWITCH® has already been successfully tested on several machines by Dürkopp-Adler, JUKI and PFAFF. Prototypes for further machine makes are in preparation. Assembly and training take place worldwide via a qualified network of distribution partners. The relevant installation instructions are supplied with each device.

GEBESWITCH® – Benefits at a glance:

  • Fast and easy switching from thin to thick needle sizes
  • Original machine settings are retained
  • Adjustment range from Nm 80 - Nm 200
  • High productivity due to minimal downtimes
  • Reproducibility of machine settings
  • Service-friendliness
  • Optimal use of functionality of standard and special needles such as SAN® 5, SAN® 6 or MR
  • Fast amortization of investment

GEBESWITCH® is patent-protected. For a practice test on your company premises, please contact Groz-Beckert.