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Cylinder changes with the Groz-Beckert CylinderMaster

It's for everyone who wants to facilitate manual fitting and removal of cylinders on large circular knitting machines: the Groz-Beckert CylinderMaster! This innovative and globally unique lifting tool premiered at the ITMA in Barcelona in September 2011. Why not take the opportunity right now to find out all about its functions and benefits?

Less is more

Time-consuming cylinder changes with up to four people are a thing of the past - now there's the CylinderMaster. The fitting and removal of cylinders on single-jersey, large circular knitting machines with 26 to 40″ is faster and safer than ever before! Handling is especially easy and user-friendly - and only one person is now needed for the cylinder change. The greatest possible processing safety is all part of the deal too: With the CylinderMaster, employee injuries or incorrect handling, resulting in damage to the cylinder, are all a thing of the past.

Impressive technology

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The CylinderMaster consists of multi-component guide rails and a winch, and is attached to the structure. The cylinder can be raised and lowered by the winch. In the raised position, the cylinder can be removed easily and safely along the guide rails. High-quality materials have been used for all components, and everything is 100 percent recyclable.

Take the pressure off valuable personnel resources and save time and money - with the Groz-Beckert CylinderMaster!

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