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Focus on the textile world: from research to systematic thinking

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Needles, system parts and modules from Groz-Beckert

For decades now, Groz-Beckert has been renowned for warp knitting machine equipment. The product portfolio includes over 800 active and powerful needles and system parts for manufacturing warp-knitted fabrics. New additions to the range are modules for use in tricot machines. Find out here about all the benefits provided by Groz-Beckert knitting tools.

Warp knitting machine needles and system parts

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The Groz-Beckert product range for the warp knitting industry includes needles and system parts for tricot machines, stitch-bonding machines, Raschel and crochet machines. In addition to the versatile standard products, the range also covers special applications such as knitted fabrics in gauges over E 40 and the production of terry fabric. The portfolio also includes especially rust- and wear-resistant product types, as well as knitting tools for fiber composites.

Just an imageGuide needle, sinker and closer

The special feature of Groz-Beckert knitting components is their unparalleled dimensional stability. This is achieved by the precision of the production machinery, designed and built in Groz-Beckert's own engineering department. Together with high ISO-certified material and workmanship standards, plus standardized production processes, this ensures that production batch quality remains consistent for many years.

Modules for tricot machines

Just an imageLochnadelmodul, Wirkplatinenmodul und Schiebermodul

For a short while now, Groz-Beckert has no longer offered only loose needles and system parts but also complete modules for tricot machines. The offer includes guide needle, sinker and closer modules of the latest generation, suitable for state-of-the-art as well as earlier tricot machine models. The number of different module types can thus be reduced, together with storage space and storage costs.

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Also in the packaging and storage Groz-Beckert sets importance to high quality standards. In the practical packaging solution, the modules are placed in a foam bed. This is not only neat and protects the modules additionally from damage, but also allows easy access. As a result, the practical packaging directly reduces set-up times.

The integrated active system

Just an imageGroz-Beckert warp knitting system – interplay of all knitting tools

The advantages of complete equipment from a single source are obvious: precision-manufactured and carefully coordinated individual components blend together into a smoothly functioning system. This is particularly useful with fine gauges, yarns that are critical to process, and high machine speeds. The result is a uniform loop structure, a stable knitting process, and low downtime. In short: error-free knitwear, and trouble-free, efficient production. A further benefit of knitting elements from Groz-Beckert is their availability: they can be supplied at short notice.

Groz-Beckert tools for use in warp knitting machines:


  • Compound and bearded needles for tricot machines
  • Patent and compound needles for crochet machines
  • Latch and compound needles for Raschel machines
  • Threading needles

System parts

  • Closers
  • Guide needles
  • Sinkers
  • Reed parts
  • Holding-down parts
  • Knocking-over sinkers

Modules for tricot machines

  • Guide needle modules
  • Sinker modules
  • Closer modules

You, too, can benefit from the quality and durability of our knitting tools.

Groz-Beckert as development partner

In the warp knitting industry, too, machine builders worldwide rely on Groz-Beckert as a development partner and quality supplier. Are you an end-user looking to develop a new product? Or are you seeking a solution to an application problem? Please contact us. We'll be happy to support you with our experience and technical capabilities. The preconditions for it are created by our Technology and Development Center.