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texprocess, Frankfurt

A major European trade fair celebrates its premiere

The texprocess 2011, Frankfurt has exceeded the expectations. The exhibition had been prepared and promoted by all partners – the organizer Messe Frankfurt, industrial associations and exhibitors – with great enthusiasm and commitment. As a consequence there was a high tension and expectation whether the event would be accepted by the customer and supplier industries as the lead international show for processing equipment for garmenting and technical textiles. The amount of visitors, the visitor's response and satisfaction confirm us that the project was a success.

Connected in parallel to Techtextil

Groz-Beckert had decided to have a booth integrated in the Techtextil hall, presenting the full scope of the company’s product and service package for the customers, including material manufacturing by knitting, needle punching or weaving. Although the Groz-Beckert booth was not located close to the related sewing machine builders, and demanded a detour for its customers to the Techtextil hall, all three days were of very high customer attendance, taking staff and installations at times to the limits. As expected, central European customers made the majority, but still some none European regions attended with surprisingly high numbers. The connection with the Techtextil had introduced ready-to-wear-related topics to visitors who would not have come to Frankfurt had it been for ready to wear only.

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Groz-Beckert was present with a booth at the Techtextil that covered the full product range of the company, and also the textile value-added chain as represented by the new Technology and Development Centre (TEZ). Designated texprocess visitors were guided to hall 3 by specific informative measures.

Under the headline LPC – Loop position control – a new needle concept was presented for chain stitch applications with a performance potential exceeding the sewing capacity of conventional needles.

With the expansion of the SAN®12 series, special application needles for high value decorative seams in automotive and upholstery applications, Groz-Beckert underlined the importance of this segment and its customers for the sewing division.

The new consulting concept found exceptionally high interest. With specific evaluation packages it provides worldwide support to manufacturers of garments and technical textiles with their efforts to achieve higher stitching quality and process security.

Which are the conclusions to be drawn out of the experiences with the first texprocess show in Frankfurt?

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On the basis of the information presently available it is evident to Groz-Beckert that the texprocess will be the European lead show for the future. The company will campaign with sellers and buyers of processing equipment to concentrate their efforts and resources on this event.

Besides this a lot of work and effort lies ahead for everybody involved, to further integrate the Asian and American exhibitors and visitors into the event. The European visitors have welcomed the concept – they were presented with a high-quality presentation of the various different textile processing methods and were rewarded with a display of processing technology of highest value covering all aspects of garmenting and technical textile products.