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On March 4, we officially opened Groz-Beckert Vietnam, near Da Nang. With this new production plant Groz-Beckert is strengthening its presence in Asia and increasing its flexibility in a dynamically growing market. Three plants - in India, China and now Vietnam, are today guaranteeing our high standards when it comes to delivery reliability, outstanding service and top quality at the heart of the textile industry!

Discover the world of Groz-Beckert - there's no better time to do so!

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Just an image Hans-Jürgen Haug
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Customer Portrait: Jif-Pak – Textiles that whet the appetite for more

Just an image The secret to their success is evident as soon as you walk into the building. Nestled among the palms of Southern California, you will not find this is a typical textile operation. This is a “gourmet” knitting mill. No t-shirts or sweaters here. The same machinery used in the production of apparel has been adapted to the food industry.
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Weaving Preparation

Just an image With local technicians, Groz-Beckert offers tailor-made service and targeted training courses worldwide - and that also includes weaving preparations for Knotex warp tying machines. In over 120 countries these machines stand for reliability, ease of handling and simple maintenance. Interested partners from Indonesia were recently most impressed by this.
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Geotextiles – a diverse market with attractive opportunities

Just an image What fashion do you see mountains, streets and tunnels wearing these days? The answer is geotextiles. In some ways they're like consumer textiles, because when it comes to aspects like separation, screening from view or insulation, these technical textiles fulfil similar requirements to apparel textiles. But there are big differences too - and in the following article we'll be providing a comprehensive account of them.

Most people associate the word "textile" with textiles used in apparel. The prefix "geo-" brings to mind such things as geography or geometry. Geotextiles combine these two worlds.
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Customer Portrait: Juta – Geotextiles are the Basis

Just an image Sustainability is a key social theme - and geotextiles can provide decisive impetus. In this regard, the name Juta represents a broad assortment of products for the construction sector, the agricultural industry, the packaging sector and technical materials. Find out about what Juta can offer you - and about the myriad of possibilities that geotextiles provide today.
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Tri STAR® and Cross STAR® – Gain ground with Groz-Beckert!

Just an image Geotextiles help to save natural resources and landfill capacities. They reduce soil replacement, transport costs and construction expense. They can also be equipped with additional components: special textiles exist with needled-in seeds, for instance. In geotextile production, apart from selection of the most suitable method and the best fibres, powerful precision tools are absolutely indispensable. Here, Groz-Beckert provides specially developed Tri STAR® and Cross STAR® needles.
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AMI Grass Yarn & Tufters Forum 2011

Just an image The fifth AMI Grass Yarn & Tufters Forum, held in London this year from February 22 to 24, took its traditional look at the trends and developments in the artificial grass market. Groz-Beckert attended the conference for the first time and can report on a fascinating event.
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SAN 10: Perfect processing of fine knitted and woven fabrics

Just an image Having trouble with material damage, seam puckering, skipped stiches and thread or needle breakage? Then test out the Groz-Beckert SAN® 10 needle, and get to know its benefits!
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texprocess, Frankfurt – A major European trade has started

Just an image The texprocess 2011, Frankfurt has exceeded the expectations. The amount of visitors, the visitor's response and satisfaction confirm us that the project was a success.
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