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Step-by-step know-how transfer

Groz-Beckert supports the adidas footwear training program

Even before completion of the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) there was a partnership between adidas and Groz-Beckert. The opening of the TEZ has enhanced it and also inspired a further project: In the future the two companies will be sharing training of employees of the adidas Group worldwide. Because quality and productivity all derive from the tiniest details - one example being the perfect seam!

All about the training program

Just an imageThe new adidas building "Laces", forming a part of the "World of Sports" in Herzogenaurach

After the preliminary training courses had already been held in September, the training course program was officially launched at the adidas "World of Sports" headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. On November 16, 2011 selected adidas employees from various different departments were provided with expert know-how on everything to do with sewing-machine needles and machines. The keynote speaker at the one-day seminar, which was held in English, was a specialist trainer from Groz-Beckert.

With this broadly-based training program, adidas is essentially aiming to improve the knowhow and expertise of all its employees in the procurement sector, and to sustainably secure a high level of quality. Synergies are being encouraged as well. Depending on the training module and its level of detail, participants are selected from different professions. The training courses are designed to be long-term and are carried out parallel to the employees' daily duties. Here is an overview of the most important features:

Just an imageThe new adidas building "Laces"

  • A total of seven training locations in Germany, the US and Asia
  • Around 500 adidas employees from all over the globe undergo training worldwide
  • More than 100 internal and external specialists are available as trainers
  • A total of 40 training modules are on offer, on topics including materials, machines and also organization
  • A maximum of 15 participants per training course, to maintain the workshop character

In 2011, 30 training courses took place worldwide with more than 300 participants. Groz-Beckert is planning further training courses for adidas in the spring of 2012 - not only in Herzogenaurach but also Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

Practical applications and successful partnership

The information provided can be downloaded from the adidas intranet by all participants for their daily work. An FAQ-style catalog enables flexible access regardless of production location. To efficiently solve sewing-technology application problems, everyone involved in the creation of a value product for adidas needs to know the relevant influence factors - because even seemingly small components such as sewing-machine needles can ultimately make a big difference to the finished product.

More Know-How for everyone – the Groz-Beckert Academy

With its 'Groz-Beckert Academy', Groz-Beckert offers a comprehensive training program that is open to everyone: textile machinery manufacturers, textile producers, students and, of course, you as well! The Groz-Beckert Academy is impressively practice-based, with highly experienced trainers plus the full spectrum of the Technology and Development Center (TEZ). Alongside training courses in everything to do with knitting, weaving and nonwovens production, the training program also offers the following courses in the sewing sector:

  • Sewing and needle technology
  • Textile value-added chain
  • Fiber studies

Further content is also possible as part of individual training courses. Details about the Training Program can be found on the Groz-Beckert homepage. You can also register online if you wish.

More know-how, and now it's digital, too

With the "myGrozBeckert" and "Toolbox" apps

Basic information about Groz-Beckert and its comprehensive range of products is also provided by the free-of-charge basic app "myGrozBeckert", available from the App Store. The extension "Toolbox" (payment required) places even more practical information at your fingertips, giving you various tools and calculation programs that make your everyday work far easier. For instance, users are given recommendations on the suitable thickness of sewing-machine needles.