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Special application needles SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS

Impressive perfection with the finest knitted and woven apparel

Apparel made from fine and ultrafine material is currently very fashionable. For end consumers, almost every conceivable requirement seems to have been fulfilled. With underwear and sportswear, the top priorities alongside an esthetic and elegant look are compatibility and wearer comfort. To satisfy these demands, production of these items requires use of a sewing-machine needle that is extremely gentle on material, even with the most sensitive fabrics and the highest gauges. This is where the special application needle SAN® 10, and most recently the SAN® 10 XS, come into their own – with impressive perfection.

What makes the SAN® 10 needle so special?

The narrow geometry of the conventional SAN® 10 needle from Groz-Beckert is specially designed to be gentle on materials that are extremely difficult to sew as well as on sewing thread. Thanks to its impressive properties it is also highly stable, even in thinner versions. The lightweight ball point, with which all SAN® 10 needles are equipped, helps to prevent damage to the material. Furthermore, thanks to the larger eye of these needles, thicker thread can be used while retaining the same needle width.

Just an imageComparison of seams made by a standard needle (left) and those of a SAN® 10 (right)

The benefits of the SAN® 10 at a glance:

  • Higher seam quality while remaining gentle on material
  • Fewer skipped stitches
  • Less needle breakage
  • Increased productivity

New in the range: the special application needle SAN® 10

It was to enable the flawless processing of ultrafine materials – especially fine knitted or woven fabrics – that Groz-Beckert developed the SAN® 10 XS needle. The cross section at center eye is even thinner, enabling extremely sensitive material to be optimally sewn. Until now, this was only possible at lower machine revolutions and with ultra-thin sewing needles. The smallest possible stitch holes, which can only be created with the SAN® 10 XS, from now on guarantee the gentlest possible treatment of material that is extremely difficult to sew.

Using the SAN® 10 XS has resulted in marked improvements, especially where the following problems are concerned:

  • Material damage
  • Stitch hole opening effects
  • Puckered seams with woven goods
  • Thread-pull effects with silk
  • Needles becoming extremely hot
  • Very brittle material

In this way, even for problems that seem insurmountable, Groz-Beckert provides an impressive solution!

SAN® 10 or SAN® 10 XS?

The decision to use a standard needle, an SAN® 10 or even an SAN® 10 XS depends to a large extent on the quality of the material, the equipment used and, ultimately, the gauge of the material requiring sewing.
Inferior-quality goods and also a very dry indoor climate can have a sharply negative impact on materials and make them even more vulnerable to damage.

In brief: the more critical a material is to sew and the finer the quality of the goods, the more sense it makes to use the new Groz-Beckert SAN® 10 XS.

Groz-Beckert – an indispensable partner

The development of the conventional SAN® 10 needle further underlined Groz-Beckert's reputation as an indispensable partner for underwear and apparel manufacturers worldwide. With the new SAN® 10 XS, that applies more than ever – the reason being that high-quality products need to be flawlessly manufactured. With the two Groz-Beckert sewing-machine needles for fine and ultrafine materials, you'll always be on the safe side!

For more details on the efficiency of the SAN® 10 XS, the Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to assist.