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Focus on the textile world: from desert to wool

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Perfectly decorated –

Iimitated hand stitches with machines from AMF Reece and double point needles from Groz-Beckert

In the production of high-quality outerwear, quality is essential down to the tiniest detail. The seams, above all, play an important role – not only as connections but also for decorative purposes. Special sewing machines come into play here: they generate the seams' hand-stitched look, and transform the final product into an even higher-quality garment. Groz-Beckert needles assist in the preparation of the perfect decorative seam.

AMF Reece

One of the leading manufacturers of special industrial sewing machines

Today's AMF Reece CR s.r.o., based in Prostejov, Czech Republic, was founded in 1991 as the result of a merger between two of the oldest and most respected special sewing-machine manufacturers: "AMF Sewn Products Inc." and the "Reece Corporation". The resources and expertise of these two companies were thus combined. Both had developed innovative and revolutionary products for the sewing industry since the end of the 19th century. In 1995, additional parts of the "Minerva Company", a firm also engaged in the manufacture of sewing machines, were acquired. In this way, AMF Reece successfully expanded its production and development capacity.

Today AMF Reece manufactures a variety of industrial sewing machines. They include mechanical and electrical buttonhole eyelet machines, automatic sewing machine for pants, automatic pocket setters, and also chain stitching machines. AMF is also the world's only manufacturer of a hand stitching machine which – equipped with patented floating-needle technology and a double point needle – imitates a genuine hand stitch or 'pick stitch'.

Perfect imitation of manual work

The Deco 2000 by AMF Reece

Just an imageHand stitching machine Deco 2000 by AMF Reece

The electronic hand stitching machine Deco 2000 by AMF Reece imitates the work of an experienced hand-stitching specialist. A double-pointed needle is required, with the eye positioned in the center. Located on the machine are two needle bars, one above and one below the sewing plate. After the needle has penetrated the fabric from above, it is passed on to the lower needle bar.

After the needle has penetrated the fabric from above, it is passed on to the lower needle bar. Following further transportation of the material, the needle again penetrates the fabric from below and the top bar takes over, whereby – depending on the material transport – the needle penetrates the fabric again from above for the next stitch. The result: a stitch that looks exactly like a hand stitch.
Just as with a real hand stitch, the thread length also needs to be determined before the sewing process and cut accordingly, since the thread is always pulled through the material in its entire length

Just an imageApplication example of the Deco 2000

The Deco 2000 by AMF Reece is used in numerous applications, especially in the production of high-quality women's and men's outerwear. On tailored jackets, suits, coats, ladies' blouses or leather clothing, it is frequently used to provide visually superior quality of the final product.

Numerous strengths – double-point needles from Groz-Beck

Just an imageNeedle 1032 B1

As a partner for the entire textile industry, Groz-Beckert also offers suitable products for hand stitching machines like these: the double point needles 1032 B1, 2000 A and 1014. These needles have two pointed ends and an eye located precisely at the needle center. At each end of the needle are two opposing scarves that serve to guide the needle and hold it steady. Depending on the machine or application, either straight or curved needles are used.

The needle types mentioned above are included in the production program in various thicknesses. Like every Groz-Beckert product they are manufactured with the highest precision, thereby ensuring a high-quality seam.

Long-term partners – Groz-Beckert and AMF Reece

Groz-Beckert and AMF Reece can look back on a long partnership. Even with the previous companies, AMF Sewn Products and the Reece Corporation, there were decades of collaboration. Today Groz-Beckert is the original equipment manufacturer for all industrial sewing machines from AMF Reece, and there is constant exchange with regard to new developments and experiences.

As you can see, no matter what gets sewn anywhere in the world, Groz-Beckert is always around – as here, with the manufacture of garments of the highest quality. Sewing-machine manufacturers as well as the sewing industry itself know that with sewing-machine needles from Groz-Beckert, every seam is perfect.

Do you place special demands on the quality of your sewing results as well? The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to help you achieve your goals!