Magazine December 2014

Focus on the textile world: from desert to wool

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The wheel doesn't need to be constantly reinvented, but something can always be further improved. That is the philosophy behind daily success in all sectors, and when it comes to such questions Groz-Beckert is a successful supporter of the textile industry. Whether that involves the significant improvement of methods for harvesting water, making weaving more efficient via lighter and yet even more robust heald frames, using high-performance tufting gauge parts for securing quality and output in carpet production, or successfully producing decorative seams over decades with high-quality needles: As a partner along the textile value chain, Groz-Beckert contributes a great deal to daily successes like these. You can find out more in this edition of the Newsletter.

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Just an image Dr. Thomas Lindner
Chairman of Executive Board

Water is life – Creating habitats with knitted geotextiles

Just an image Potable water is becoming an increasingly rare commodity: the world population is growing, the demand for water is increasing, and at the same time climate change and other human influences are ensuring that the planet's already limited freshwater reserves are steadily dwindling. To open up new possibilities for harvesting potable water, new ideas are required – and nature's bag of tricks contains them! An exciting example inspired by nature is the Namib Desert beetle, whose method of obtaining supplies of precious water is being imitated by knitted geotextiles – ever more efficiently and on an increasingly large scale.
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Technical fabrics from IBENA

Just an image For economically efficient textile production with outstanding results, quality and expertise are equally important elements. The firm of IBENA Textilwerke GmbH shows how intelligent selection of the right means of production meets these requirements with flying colors. The IBENA Group has made a name itself with technical textiles, not only in the field of home textiles but in many other different sectors. This was also achieved through the use of high-quality means of production from Groz-Beckert: The high-performance heald frame ALtop®Hybrid® enables production that is geared consistently toward quality and productivity, bringing the IBENA fabric economic success for the most varied types of application.
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natural fibers are undergoing a diverse renaissance

Just an image Natural fibers have been used for a variety of purposes ever since the Stone Age. Archaeological evidence of textile applications for clothing has been found, as well as proof that textiles were once used for practical everyday items such as baskets, ropes, or building materials. This means that natural fibers were once among the most important raw materials in human history. During the 19th century, natural fibers gained greatly in importance due to industrialization, but became sharply less significant after the development of numerous synthetic fibers from the 1960s onward. The year 2009 was proclaimed the International Year of Natural Fibres, recalling the importance of natural resources in order to raise awareness of natural fibers once again. Since that time they have become increasingly important once more – also in the nonwovens industry.
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Double point needles from Groz-Beckert

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imitation hand stitches with machines from AMF Reece and double point needles from Groz-Beckert
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