News April 2017

Welcome to Groz-Beckert at the Techtextil and Texprocess 2017

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Groz-Beckert stands by you before, during and after the sewing operation

Sewing machine needles have formed part of Groz-Beckert's manufacturing program for over 30 years. They have always been made with the latest technology and highest precision. Groz-Beckert pays attention to even the tiniest details in the production of its sewing machine needles, starting with high-grade raw materials and optimized precision tools for tight production tolerances, through to high quality packaging.

But Groz-Beckert offers even more than first-class products. Professional application advice helps improve and even prevent sewing problems, and Quality Management INH (Ideal Needle Handling) – which now also provides a digital solution for documenting needle breakage – assists in the handling of sewing machine needles throughout the entire sewing operation.

Smart INH

The digital solution for documenting needle breakage

In the production of clothing, needle breakage, as ever, cannot be prevented. INH Quality Management from Groz-Beckert now provides many sewing businesses with support in handling their sewing machine needles, especially with broken needles. To further simplify handling and, in particular, document needle breakage, Groz-Beckert now also offers a digital solution: Smart INH.

Smart INH has been developed to avoid the need to physically document and file needle breakage. The resulting software solution photographs broken needle pieces and digitally saves them alongside the relevant data. Damaged and broken needles can be disposed of immediately and in an environmentally-friendly way.

Smart INH consists of two pieces of software: one mobile app, the INH@site, and a browser software, the INH@office.

Just an imageApp INH@site, page “needle-breakage pieces”

The app is installed on a tablet PC which is mounted to another work plate of the needle-dispensing trolley. When a needle breaks, the broken pieces are not pasted up, but rather photographed using the app. Necessary information such as place and time of the breakage and production order are assigned. This data record is then digitally filed and saved as potential evidential basis.

The browser software INH@office can call up, display and manage image data records. Moreover various assessments can be made, and authorized persons can perform an online audit at any time. And the browser app also manages and maintains other data, such as machinery and needle types.

Come see Smart INH live at the Techtextil 2017. The INH team of Groz-Beckert KG will be there and gladly show you all INH accessories and software components.

Mobile lab

On-site application advice

Requirements within sewing operations change constantly. The wide variety of materials worked with and the different requirements for seams with regard to function and appearance makes it ever more difficult to find the right needle for current applications. Moreover, flawed finishing of materials or incorrect machine settings can lead to material damage and other problems.

Just an imageThe sewing laboratory of Groz-Beckert KG in Albstadt, Germany.

The sewing and joining service from Groz-Beckert, which can now be accessed from several locations around the world, provides scores of pointers and support for optimal sewing operation and the best end product possible. And there is also tailored application advice that goes beyond the limits of standard solutions. The problem is precisely analyzed, various inspections and tests are performed and a conclusive report delivers detailed recommendations on trouble-shooting.

At the Techtextil 2017, the experts for sewing-application engineering are on site with a mobile lab at the Groz-Beckert booth F03 in hall 3.0. There, material samples can be directly inspected and analyzed, allowing for potential needle recommendation; i.e. a solution to the problem even while still at the booth.

Groz-Beckert as an overall partner

Whether with high quality products, assistance with sewing problems or comprehensive support in handling sewing machine needles at your business – Groz-Beckert stands by you throughout your entire production process. Learn more at the Techtextil 2017 about the products and services in Groz-Beckert’s Sewing subdivision and reap the benefits of a partner who understands not only sewing needles, but the entire sewing operation.