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A further developed Level Cut Loop module

Demand for tufted floor coverings for the real estate market, the private sector, the "hospitality" sector and for institutional facilities is steadily increasing. Carpet floor coverings in Level Cut Loop design are playing a major role here, especially where carpet tiles are concerned. This new trend requires new solutions where production is concerned – and this is why Groz-Beckert, in cooperation with leading tufting-machine manufacturers, has now rolled out the second generation of Level Cut Loop modules (LCLM) in the USA – with excellent results!

The right basis for new yarns and machines

Level Cut Loop loopers and looper modules are used in specially designed tufting machines that determine the loop and velour content in a carpet on the basis of the programmed pattern, with the help of a pneumatically controlled clip. The latest-generation machines used for this require a maximum of precision with minimal tolerances, the highest gauge accuracy and the precise alignment of all tufting tools employed. Groz-Beckert has succeeded in meeting these requirements fully and in every regard.

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The various yarn tensions, created by individual servomotors, lead to the desired patterning effects. In other words, the correct combination of loop and velour in relief-like surface patterns is achieved.

Yesterday – Wear on the cutting inserts

In the unanimous opinion of users, the results achieved during use of the Groz-Beckert Level Cut Loop module under production conditions are excellent. The improved wearing properties, combined with the functional benefits, make the Level Cut Loop module from Groz-Beckert into a real productivity enhancement.

The challenges in the production process have increased sharply with the introduction of so-called DPF yarns made from polyester and nylon. The generally high proportion of loops with Level Cut Loop carpeting means that the cutting inserts of the looper are subjected to high stresses due to the direct material contact of looper and knife. In the past this often led to damaged cutting inserts, and loopers had to be exchanged prematurely – resulting in far shorter machine operation times.

Today – minimal downtime, more productivity

The Groz-Beckert engineers found a convincing solution for these challenges. Thanks to the increased operation time and process reliability of the Groz-Beckert Level Cut Loop module, downtimes on the tufting machines were significantly reduced. The result: lower process costs, higher product quality, and improved machine efficiency.

Here again we have another Groz-Beckert product that optimally fulfills the requirements of machine builders and carpet manufacturers worldwide. Nothing can now stand in the way of innovative special yarns and complex patterns! The high individual quality of the Groz-Beckert tufting tools is of particular benefit to the user when a complete Groz-Beckert tufting system is involved. Here the material components, tolerances and functional interplay of all individual parts are harmoniously coordinated, delivering truly impressive overall performance.

In summary, the new generation of Level Cut Loop modules from Groz-Beckert bring the following benefits:

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  • Multiple regrinding capability
  • Improved knife rest
  • Highest gauge accuracy
  • Precise alignment
  • High surface quality
  • Quality reproducible regardless of batches – "Engineered product"
  • Optimized "locator" fixation
  • Transparent product designation via laser marker
  • Easy identification via Groz-Beckert article number in Online Catalog Tufting

Are you looking for solutions to your production challenges? The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to assist you in developing optimal gauge parts!