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Focus on the textile world: from DIY to road building

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Universal tufting solutions

Knowing the needs of tufted carpeting manufacturers is one of the keys to the success of Groz-Beckert's subsidiary Schmeing GmbH & Co. KG. But what makes the company so successful overall? The answer is permanent monitoring, consulting and training for customers, combined with intensive analysis and development of processes and procedures. A major part is played here by the Schmeing Technical Center Tufting, which uses practical findings to create product and process optimization solutions together with the Groz-Beckert Central Laboratory.

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Schmeing GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of the Groz-Beckert Group, Albstadt, and as a manufacturing and distribution center for precision parts for the manufacture of textile floor coverings (gauge parts tufting) has for many years been a reliable partner to the global carpet industry. Schmeing clients benefit from universal product solutions characterized by ultra-high quality and a high degree of innovation. This is based on the qualification, motivation and creativity of the Schmeing staff at the company's headquarters in Raesfeld (Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia).

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With the development of universal solutions like these, Schmeing fits seamlessly into the philosophy of Groz-Beckert. Groz-Beckert supports its customers in all areas along the textile value chain – no matter what the markets demand. Together with customers and partners, pioneering ideas and solutions are developed that not only ensure the highest product quality, but also guarantee technological leadership and success through optimal productivity.

Interdisciplinary skills

Counseling, advice and analysis

Here, from the very beginning, Schmeing GmbH & Co. KG proves itself to be as much a partner to its customers as the Groz-Beckert Group. Advice is provided for individual requirements, recommendations are made with respect to processes and products, and feasibility tests are carried out.

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Furthermore, at its central laboratory in the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) in Albstadt, Groz-Beckert offers damage analysis and chemical analysis, and is provided on materials and materials development. A high degree of expertise is required for the analysis, co-development and improvement of needles and system parts, so that customer requirements are optimally fulfilled. Professional application consulting for Groz-Beckert products is also provided. The goal is always to achieve optimal interaction and the best possible coordination of all tool components in the system.

Groz-Beckert's interdisciplinary expertise results in system-oriented product solutions, coordinated tools, as well as increased efficiency and an improved price-performance ratio.

Technical Center Tufting

With its own test machine and field tests for market readiness

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With the help of the Technical Center Tufting at Schmeing, which has its own test machine with a working width of 1 meter, the functionality and durability of all tools in the tufting process are further developed and improved. Customers' special requirements are consistently and individually transformed into product solutions and tailored to specific applications.

Whatever has been tried and tested at the Technical Center Tufting has to prove itself in practice. The market readiness of innovative products is preceded by detailed long-term tests and production tests under real-life conditions. Close relationships with customers enable the long-term field tests that are necessary here to secure the desired results. Application-oriented solutions for customer requirements are tested under everyday conditions and further improved as necessary.

Finally, there is the range of services that always accompanies Groz-Beckert products. Service at the company is always oriented toward the priorities and requirements of individual customers – so an excellently qualified and trained sales team, for instance, ensures that quotes and orders are always promptly processed.

Expanding knowledge

At the Technical Center Tufting and the Groz-Beckert Academy

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Targeted technical consulting, and the transfer of knowledge in everything to do with tufting as a service, are key to successful cooperation. Based on Groz-Beckert's long experience across the textile value chain, the company's know-how and professional expertise result in far higher quality where consulting is concerned. Customers of Schmeing GmbH & Co. KG have free access to the Technical Center Tufting, either to accompany their individual projects, or when making use of the training offer "Tufting technology" at the Groz-Beckert Academy, which is available in Raesfeld.

Would you also like to benefit from the consulting and development expertise of the Technical Center Tufting? The Groz-Beckert tufting experts will be happy to help you!