Magazine July 2018

The textile world at a glance: From sustainable products to processes

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Carpet squares: carpet with form

The global demand for tufted carpets has developed rather moderately compared to hard floors in recent years. The carpet square segment, on the other hand, is experiencing a real boom. While carpet squares were first found in the public sector, they are now enjoying a strongly growing popularity in the private sector due to their numerous benefits. From printed designs to sculpted level cut loop patterns, today carpet squares are convenient and practical and combine the comfort of a carpet with the durability of other floor covers.

In general, carpets provide certain benefits over other floor coverings: They create an improved room atmosphere and prevent slipping, in addition to their sound and heat insulating properties. They are pleasant to walk on, and their resistance to wear speaks for itself. In addition, those with allergies benefit from approximately half of the fine dust generated compared to hard floors. That aside, carpets are often less expensive.

Carpet squares: easy to maintain and individually replac

In addition, carpet tiles are far easier to transport and lay, with less waste, compared to other alternatives. They can be arranged in a number of ways and, at the same time, individual tiles can be easily replaced, making them reusable even if you move. On the material side, carpet squares also provide high dimensional stability. The carpet tile requires sophisticated production, so Groz-Beckert offers precisely matched individual tools as a gauge part system. This system is composed of the following components:

  • Tufting needle / tufting needle module
  • Cut pile looper / looper module
  • Reed finger module
  • Tufting knives

Just an image(Image source: INFLOOR Teppichboden GmbH & Co. KG)

Groz-Beckert offers its customers precise solutions to meet the constantly increasing requirements in this area, such as complex and wear-intensive pattern techniques. This means that the Groz-Beckert gauge part system has everything to guarantee users convincing results in the tufting process. This system provides support for critical process parameters like:

  • Abrasive materials, such as recycled PE, abrasive backings and yarns
  • Various backing materials like woven or nonwoven fabrics
  • Lower pile weights and pile heights
  • Optimal fabric appearances
  • Other process parameters like machine and rpm

The controlled and harmonized selection of materials and tolerances, and the coordination of all individual tools per specifications create the perfect interaction. These benefits and advantages of the Groz-Beckert tufting system are clear: optimal product finish in the total efficiency with respect to product life, consistency of performance in application, and optimal functionality.

Would you like to learn more about the Groz-Beckert gauge part system as well as its individual components? Then contact us; the Groz-Beckert experts are happy to advise you.