Magazine July 2018

The textile world at a glance: From sustainable products to processes

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Resource-saving, sustainable, renewable – terms that have been part of everyday life for a long time. They don't just influence our purchasing decisions and our eating habits - we are also placing ever greater importance on our ecological footprint with our leisure activities. While it may seem like a relatively recent concept, the principle of sustainability is actually much older than you may expect: Formulated for the first time in the 18th Century, it has grown in importance over the past few decades in particular.

In the business-to-business field too, sustainability is an extremely hot topic. And this is why Groz-Beckert focused on economical, ecological and social sustainability long before Corporate Social Responsibility became fashionable. Since then, the handling of resources and the topic of sustainability have developed within the textile world: Resource-saving, sustainable and renewable aspects are not always visible at first glance, but nevertheless play an important role. So you can look forward to exciting articles to give you an overview.

Find out more about the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no time like the present.

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Just an image Hans-Jürgen Haug
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

T-shirt instead of USB stick?

Just an image Making clothing more practical, communicative, functional, and protective is a fundamental idea when developing so-called intelligent textiles.
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High-performance heald frames – symbiosis of aluminum and carbon

Just an image Faster, higher, further – a claim that every future-oriented company must make. Applied to the weaving industry, this means faster and faster machines, higher quality requirements, and always being one step ahead of the competition. In this context, weaving accessories represent very important components of the weaving process. In particular, heald frames must meet greater and greater requirements. The high-performance heald frames of Groz-Beckert were specially developed for this purpose. Which is why this edition of the Groz-Beckert magazine places special focus on the ALtop Hybrid heald frame and its special features.
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Nonwovens made of "somewhat different fibers"

Just an image With globalization and an increase in world population, the demand for textiles is increasing as well, and so is the consumption of fibers. Fossil fuels as well as mineral resources, in part, are limited by their natural finiteness. This increases the demand for new and renewable resources and sustainable materials.

In July 2016, we reported on processing PET bottles into needlepunched textiles. Today, we introduce alternative fiber types.
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Carpet squares: carpet with form

Just an image The global demand for tufted carpets has developed rather moderately compared to hard floors in recent years. The carpet square segment, on the other hand, is experiencing a real boom. While carpet squares were first found in the public sector, they are now enjoying a strongly growing popularity in the private sector due to their numerous benefits. From printed designs to sculpted level cut loop patterns, today carpet squares are convenient and practical and combine the comfort of a carpet with the durability of other floor covers.
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“Crash business” in the US

Just an image Both the short staple spinning and the nonwovens industries put high requirements on mounting service. Compared to the service provided to the spinning industry, service is even more important in the production of nonwovens. While in spinning there are typically several revolving flat cards installed, large nonwovens lines normally feature only one roller top card. If this fails due to damage, also called "crash", the entire line stands still. This is why an immediate response and quick restart of the nonwovens line are critical. The Groz-Beckert Service Team successfully provides this service.
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Sewing problems and how to solve them

Just an image Sewing machine needles are the unsung heroes of everyday sewing. You can hardly see or hear them, but they still provide long-lasting high performance. Thus, the the needle has a decisive influence on the design and longevity of textile products.
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