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ALtop Hybrid and Hybrid+

Design of the hybrid heald frames

Just an imageProfile of the ALtop Hybrid and ALtop Hybrid+

Heald frames are an essential shed-forming component within the weaving process. To transport the healds, the heald frame moves the drawn-in warp ends into the upper or lower shed. Because of the higher and higher speeds and shed changings of modern weaving machines, standard aluminum heald frames no longer meet the requirements of this. For this reason, Groz-Beckert offers high-performance heald frames that have proven themselves in this area. Carbon fiber rods are inserted into the special shape of the aluminum profile in order to increase the bending strength and stiffness of the frame staves. Depending on the required performance, two different carbon rods are used which differ in their profile heights. The standard version is used with the ALtop Hybrid heald frame, and the reinforced version of the carbon fiber rod is used for the ALtop Hybrid+.

Just an imagePerformance diagram of Groz-Beckert heald frames

Areas of application

The high bending strength and stiffness of the Hybrid heald frames allow weaving without intermediate supports, even for weave widths of up to 460 cm. By getting rid of the intermediate supports, equipping the weaving machine is simpler, thus reducing downtimes. Moreover, this avoids unwanted lines that diminish quality in the woven fabric and are caused by the intermediate supports during tricky applications such as curtains.

The performance potential of the ALtop Hybrid is clear when compared to heald frames that are not reinforced with carbon fiber. For purposes of illustration, a machine speed of 100% has been set for the ALtop140 heald frame. Based on this scale, the following diagram results, showing the clear increase in machine speed of the ALtop Hybrid (over 120%) and the ALtop Hybrid+ (around 140%). The illustration also shows that Groz-Beckert provides the right heald frame for the different performance ranges.

Just an imageCross-section of the ALtop Hybrid

Variant variety

Just an imageCorner connection of the ALtop Hybrid+

Just an imageCross-section of the ALtop Hybrid+

Individual solutions are also required to meet the individual requirements of weaving facilities. With its wide variety of hybrid heald frames, Groz-Beckert offers its customers the best heald frame for almost any application. The ALtop Hybrid+ provides the best results for extremely high speeds and warp tensions. At lower warp densities and stress, a heald damping can be used to prevent heald breakages, even at high speeds.

  • Did you know this?

    If an ALtop155 frame stave without carbon fiber reinforcement in a length of 2,200 mm is centrally weighted, it can withstand a load of over 700 kg. The ALtop Hybrid+ with the same profile height can withstand up to one ton more, in comparison.