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Just an imageThe new high-performance heald frame ALtop® HYBRID

Aluminum and carbon fiber in perfect union – fulfill the highest demands with the new high-performance heald frame ALtop® HYBRID

Technology in detail

Just an imageThe corner connection

Just an imageThe carbon-fiber-reinforced profile

Innovative design with aluminum profile and high-performance carbon fibers

The ultra-lightweight frame staves on the ALtop® HYBRID are ideally suited to the dynamic loads of modern high-speed weaving machines – and this is an especially critical factor in applications with positively-controlled heald frame movements.

Tried and tested corner connection

The corner connection contains no moving components. This guarantees a firm screw connection and simple, precise lateral support positioning, ensuring that the frame will withstand extreme loads but at the same time facilitating simple, reliable warp preparation .

It's all in the material

The selected materials used for the ALtop® HYBRID are extremely lightweight but still durable and resistant to bending – with no intermediate support. This increases the service life and durability of the heald frames and weaving machines. The low weight of the ALtop® HYBRID also facilitates handling in daily operation.

Open for your application

Just an imageVaried range of application on air-jet, projectile and rapier weaving machines

The new heald frame has a highly diverse range of applications. Weaving mills now have all kinds of possible options, also because Groz-Beckert offers the ALtop® HYBRID in all the standard nominal widths.

For weaving machines with two drive points, double carbon-fiber-reinforced staves are used both for the upper and the lower frame stave.

For weaving machines with three or more drive points, a double carbon-fiber-reinforced frame stave is used above. Below, a geometrically adapted light metal frame stave is used.

A great deal to offer

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The ALtop® HYBRID at a glance:

  • Maximum bending resistance of frame staves
  • Suitable for automatic drawing-in on conventional machines
  • Can be used without intermediate support, even at wider nominal widths
  • Innovative design with two high-performance carbon fiber profiles in the same frame stave

The ALtop® HYBRID is impressive:

  • Improved weft insertion
  • Flawless fabrics
  • Less spare parts needed
  • Long service life and easy handling

If you have any questions about the new high-performance heald frame ALtop® HYBRID, just contact the experts from Groz-Beckert.