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ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 June 16-20, 2014

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Weaving preparation with Groz-Beckert – Total control of sophisticated processes

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Alongside numerous other exhibits at the trade show Groz-Beckert will also be presenting the tying machine KnotMaster. This modular system sets new standards in terms of service and ease of maintenance. Despite its numerous functions and features – e.g. four tying methods, single and double knots, short knot-ends and yarn breakage detection – the machine is particularly easy to handle due to its state-of-the-art touchscreen control. The standard version AS/3 in particular has established itself as a bestseller because of its wide range of applications. The KnotMaster is used for a broad spectrum of yarn types: Cotton, wool, synthetic and also composite and elastic yarns can all be processed.

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One of the highlights at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 is the RS/3 version of the tying machine. It is ideal for all warp materials with smooth surfaces, such as glass fiber. Glass chains can be linked at up to 400 knots per minute. The end products of glass weaving are used as substrates for e.g. truck tarpaulins, tents, circuit boards or temperature-resistant conveyor belts.

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At the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 Groz-Beckert is also exhibiting a large selection of weaving accessories. Carbon fiber, leno and high-density fabrics will be presented on a replica weaving machine, together with their relevant healds. Strip steel healds with J, C and O-shaped end loops are specially adapted for different yarns, and ideal for all conventional types of weaving machine.

For technical textiles and special applications, the Groz-Beckert portfolio has a series of tailored solutions: RONDOFIL®, M-healds, TWINtec, mail eyes, and leno healds. In addition, a large part of the frame range will be on display, from frames for low-speed rapier machines to high-speed carbon frames. The carbon-reinforced heald frame ALtop® Hybrid® increases and stabilizes weft insertion rates, enables production of high-quality material, and is easy to use. Standard warp stop motions as well as motions for special applications will also be presented, together with their relevant drop wires.

The innovative, flexible and heald-based leno system PosiLeno® will also be on display. Gentle shedding movements for doup frame, healds and warp yarns deliver twice the performance in relation to conventional leno systems.

Like to learn more about Groz-Beckert products in the weaving sector? The experts from Groz-Beckert will be happy to advise!