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Focus on the textile world: from research to systematic thinking

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Systematic success – the Groz-Beckert drawing-in concept for maximum flexibility in weaving preparation

Groz-Beckert is a complete supplier in the drawing-in machine sector

As an ideal supplement to the WarpMaster, Groz-Beckert offers a complete machine system for drawing-in. The additional devices enable all weaving mills to optimally adapt their drawing-in processes to operational requirements.

The WarpMaster

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The WarpMaster is a microprocessor-controlled drawing-in machine. Fully automatic in every function, it is based on high-performance stepper motors, solenoids and sensors. The machine is easy to operate and reset, since the yarn is drawn from a single yarn supply package through drop wire, heald and reed. Thanks to this concept, the drawing-in process requires no warp beam, making the drawing-in process entirely independent of it.

Machine control and programming

Just an imageOperation via touchscreen

The WarpMaster is operated via a modern touchscreen mounted on a swivel-mounted arm, enabling comfortable operation of the machine. In the event of a machine stop, the monitor displays the reason and plays a short video, showing the user how to proceed. This video support means that operating the WarpMaster can be learned even by inexperienced employees within the shortest time. Programming and management of new drawing-in programs is also carried out via the touchscreen menu, while stored programs can be transferred to a USB stick and easily archived.


  • Short learning times for operating and maintenance personnel
  • Easy-to-use machine – video support
  • Highest production flexibility
  • No problems with critical warp yarns during drawing-in, since only one yarn supply package is used
  • Low energy consumption
  • Worldwide proven technology
  • Small footprint for machine and drawn-in harnesses
  • Professional consulting, training and service by Groz-Beckert

Just an imageIllustration of the drawing-in process

The drawing-in principle

The WarpMaster is simple to operate and reset, since the yarn is drawn in from only one supply package through drop wire, heald and reed (see illustration above).

Maximum flexibility due to individual handling of prepared harnesses.

The WorkTruck

Just an imageThe Groz-Beckert WorkTruck

The task of the WorkTruck is to pick up the heald frames to be drawn in. The frames are lined up according to gauges, with lateral supports removed on one side, and then inserted into the WarpMaster. After completion of the drawing-in process, the pattern is transferred to the WorkTruck, complete with drawn-in reed, healds and drop wires, and easily removed from the machine, which is then immediately ready for positioning of the next WorkTruck.

The warp-tying station KnotPointPlus

Just an imageThe KnotPointPlus

The warp-tying station KnotPointPlus enables warp-tying of the drawn-in yarn created by the WarpMaster at the warp beam – as well as pulling through of the knots outside the weaving machine. Downtimes caused by weaving harness changes can thereby be minimized.

In recent years, the efficiency and flexibility as well as the quality awareness of modern weaving mills have increased considerably. This makes it all the more important for them to have a competent partner at their side for the entire weaving process.

Innovative ideas and many years of experience are the basis of maximum system efficiency. With Groz-Beckert, weaving machine builders, traditional weaving mills and niche providers all minimize set-up and downtimes and benefit from high performance, flexibility, and fabric quality.

Would you like to make your drawing-in process more flexible and efficient? The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to advise!