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Groz-Beckert InLine - The innovative card clothing series for increased process reliability in high-performance roller cards

Presenting: The latest carding innovation for the nonwovens industry

Thanks to a new and patented manufacturing process, Groz-Beckert has developed a series of metallic card clothing that offers improved process reliability and thus a higher uptime of the card: The Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing series.

InLine stands for the established standards at Groz-Beckert – starting with identifying customer requirements and the commitment to ecology, right through to the Groz-Beckert understanding of quality.

The new manufacturing process is in line with the company's principles of producing in an environmentally-friendly and resource-saving manner.

The special features of Groz-Beckert InLine card clothings at a glance:

  • Controlled and very precise hardening of the wire teeth
  • Completely scale-free card clothing without burrs
  • Reduction of the rib height of interlocking wires to 1.3 mm

This results in the following advantages:

Increased service life of the metallic wires

The optimized hardening of the wire teeth reduces the risk of bending and the associated need for premature replacement. Thus, an increased service life of the metallic card clothing can be expected.

Consistent carding and high web quality

The process-reliable hardening of the teeth results in more uniform abrasion of the card clothing. This is to achieve consistent carding and high web quality.

Reduced run-in period and less chance of fiber loading

The scale-free card clothing without burrs is extremely fiber-friendly and does not change its character during the run-in phase. Therefore, the run-in phase is shortened. Furthermore, the chance of fibers loaded to carding wires is significantly reduced which may result in a lower cleaning frequency and consequently a shorter downtime of the card.

Shorter downtimes for mounting process

The lower the rib height, the safer the mounting process. Thanks to the reduced rib height of 1.3 mm and a faster mounting process, the Groz-Beckert InLine series impresses with shorter downtimes of the card.

The following animation is an excellent illustration of the various benefits of Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing:

SiroLock™ plus as part of the Groz-Beckert InLine series

Based on the new production process of the Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing series and taking customer feedback into account, the SiroLock™ plus was developed as a successor of the SiroLock™ worker and doffer wire. The result is an optimal SiroLock™ plus product family that enables sophisticated specifications for every customer application.

The SiroLock™ plus wires also have the characteristics of the Groz-Beckert InLine series: a reduced rib height of the interlocking wires, a scale-free surface and, in particular, higher strength of the delicate wire teeth. The special tooth geometry of the SiroLock™ plus card clothing results in gentle and more effective fiber take-up, control and hand-over – even at the highest throughput rates.

The SiroLock™ plus product family has been released into the market with a wide range of finenesses and PPSI, used specifically for the production of hydroentangled nonwovens, thermal-bonded nonwovens and needlepunched nonwovens.

Latest additions to the Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing series

The Groz-Beckert InLine family is growing: The newest members represent our Groz-Beckert InLine EvoStep™ wires, as well as the Groz-Beckert InLine interlocking wire V39.

The V39 wire is the finest interlocking wire in the world. Compared with existing plain rib wires of similar size, it significantly reduces the risk of a crash.