Metallurgic expertise meets micro-engineering

With Customized Precision Components (CPC), Groz-Beckert has steadily carved out a new operational area. The products are based on our sound know-how in micro-engineering.

The successful buildup of the CPC subdivision has achieved synergy effects which have led to diversification and additional value.

Customized Precision Components (CPC) are hard metal tools, stamps and dies for special machinery, as well as micro-precision parts with extremely demanding quality requirements and production tolerances. Production requires maximum precision and care. Groz-Beckert meets these challenges down to the micron.

Products range from special blanking dies and micro-precision parts down to precision parts for LTCC/MLC technology.

Special blanking dies

Special blanking dies

Experience gleaned form Groz-Beckert's core business and the desire to deliver solutions for technical challenges are the drive behind the development of new blanking die technologies.

This includes blanking dies, complete blanking-die systems and removable elements for micro-perforation of foil.

Groz-Beckert is a full-service operator in the development and manufacture of blanking dies. Customer goals shape the requirements – the CPC team works out solutions with customers or improves already existing components.

Such cooperation has already led to patented processes for the punching of extremely thin foil. This unique technology makes it possible to process complex shapes and different materials such as ceramics for LTCC/MLC technology, and copper and aluminum foils for energy-storage technology and plastics.

Micro-precision parts

Micro-precision parts

The know-how from the original CPC product subdivision (LTCC/MLC technology) and the fully developed production processes were the impetus for expanding the production program to micro-precision parts.

This requires high precision featuring tiny drill holes down to 40μ and high-precision concentricity and production tolerances smaller than 1μ.

In addition to hard metal, other materials such as steel and ceramic are also machined. Products with tiny drill holes, high finish quality and high shape tolerance are the specialty here.

Application areas are many: micro-dispensing systems, micro-actuators, measuring technology and tool and machine building. Aerospace companies are thus also featured among CPC customers.

Precision parts for LTCC/MLC technology

Precision parts for LTCC/MLC technology

LTCC/MLC = Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic/Multi-Layer Ceramic. Groz-Beckert punching components are distinguished by their excellent grinding quality, as well as their shape and shape accuracy.

Stamps and bearing bushes

The components for punching ceramic foil are used in various sectors. They are available for individual stamping units and for complex stamping systems with over 300 punching positions and a diameter to 50 μm.

Shape stamping

In addition to traditional round stamps, Groz-Beckert CPC also produces special shapes. Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies can produce very different shapes, making possible a corner radius, for instance, of 30μ.

Ejector Pins

Groz-Beckert provides precision for bonding. CPC ejector pins also feature long service-life and high surface quality.

Laminate cutting

High demands are made on knives used to cut unbaked ceramic. Groz-Beckert produces highly precise knives in accordance with your requirements.

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